The Ten Tallest Waterfalls on the Planet

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Tyssestrengene Falls, Norway

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The 10th highest waterfall in the world is Tyssestrengene Falls. It has a height of 646 meters or 2,123 ft and is located in Odda, Norway. It is the tallest single drop in Norway.

Lower Mar Valley Falls, Norway

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The 9th spot is held by Lower Mar Valley Falls, another spectacular waterfall located in Norway, specifically in Eikesdal. It has a stunning height of 2,151 ft high. This lovely falls is just 28 ft higher than Tyssestrengene Odda in Norway.

Yosemite Falls, California, USA

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Yosemite Falls located in Yosemite National Park, California is the 8th highest waterfall in the world with an astounding height of 739 meters or 2,420 ft. This falls is 269 ft higher than Lower Mar valley Falls. This falls, which is a major attraction in the park, is the highest in North America.

Mutarazi Falls, Zimbabwe

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Mutarazi Falls is located in Nyanga National Park and is regarded as the 7th highest waterfall in the world with a spectacular height of 761 meters or 2,499 ft. It is 79 ft higher than the Yosemite Falls.

Gocta Cataracts, Peru

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The mesmerizing Gocta Cataracts in Chachapoyas, Peru is the 6th highest waterfall in the world. However, it is the third tallest free-leaping waterfall in the world. It has a total height of 771 meters or 2, 530 ft or just 31 ft higher than the 7th highest waterfall.

Monge Falls, Norway

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The 5th highest waterfall in the world is once again located in Norway. It is known as Monge Falls and at 773 meters or 2,535 feet high, it is just 5 ft taller than Gocta Cataracts.

Utigord Falls, Norway

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The 4th spot is held by a waterfall located, still, in the wonderful country of Norway. The world’s 4th highest waterfall named Utigord is 818 meters or 2,685 ft high or 150 ft higher than the waterfall that holds the 5th spot. It is also known as Ramnefjellsfossen, Utigardsfossen or Utigordsfossen.

Olo’upena Falls, USA

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Olo’upena Falls is the 3rd highest waterfall in the world. It is located in Moloka’i, Hawaii with a towering total drop of 900 meters or 2,953 ft high. Olo’upena Falls is 268 ft taller than Utigorsfossen.

Tugela Falls, South Africa

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Tugela Falls is the 2nd highest waterfall in the world. It is located in Natal National park in South Africa. It is measured at 948 meters or 3,110 ft high. It is 157 feet higher than Utigord Falls but 102 ft shorter than the world’s highest waterfalls.

Angel Falls, Venezuela

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And of course, as every one knows, Angel Falls is the world’s highest waterfalls with an amazing height of 979 meters 3,212 feet high or 102 ft higher than Tugela Falls. It is 1089 ft higher compared to Tyssestrengene Odda, the 10th highest waterfall in the world. Angel Falls is located in Canaima National Park in Venezuela.

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