You Can Use Different Types of Costume Wigs

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There are Halloween costumes that would need a wig to make the costume look more complete. Ghoul or witch costume wigs can make the Halloween costumes scarier and look very authentic. There are a wide variety of costume wigs available in the market from full heads of hair, up to bald caps for the smooth-shaven balding effect.

Designs that feature a lot of hair can be synthetic fibers or real human hair. There are costume wigs for the Renaissance or middle ages and are great for costume plays to provide more accurate depiction and portrayal of the roles.

Some wigs imitate the hairstyle of the roaring 20’s. These are hairstyles from the great Gatsby era which are of straight bobbed hair worn by gangster molls or of the wavy platinum blondes who went along to go putting on the Ritz. Costume wigs of the 70s hairstyles during the hippie days were long straight hair for the women and afro hairdos for men.

Quite interesting are the modern day wigs that imitate the hairstyles of popular cartoon figures, from the Japanese anime characters up to the classics like Olive Oyl’s weird shaped hair.  The Simpsons’ hairstyle is definitely something only a costume wig can satisfy to really get into the character. In fact, these costume wigs from cartoon characters are even dyed to match their original cartoon counterparts. The more common costume wigs today imitate mostly fictional characters like wizards and witches. They all look very realistic while some even reach the floor.

Wigs in the middle ages were not just used for fashion or costumes. Back then wigs were used for practical purposes, since matters of hygiene during that era were quite faulty. What they did then was to shave off the hairs on their heads and wear wigs instead of their own hair.  

The main reason was that keeping their own head of hair was quite difficult as lice infestation often occurred.  The use of wigs made everything simple by just removing the fake hair and manually picking off the lice while the hair was off the head of the owner.  In ancient Egypt the use of wigs were similar because their ceremonies required shaven heads. However, wigs were worn more as their protection from the heat of the sun.

Whatever your need or purpose in buying costume wigs, you need not worry where and how you can get them. There are a lot of costume wigs available in local and online costume stores so you will have no problem in getting the right wig for the right occasion.

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