Tips on What You Should Look for in a Costume Rental Shops

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Some parents find the idea of costume rentals as more advantageous when addressing the costume needs of their kids. For one, the Halloween costume thing is a yearly event and if you had more than one kid to dress up for the Halloween, making a homemade costume puts quite a strain in your creative juices. Buying would be quite impractical because that would mean you’ll be piling up quite a stash of different Halloween costumes by buying more than one annually.

Of course you can always dispose of the costumes via garage sale or eBay, but that would take time to accomplish. Besides, you’re not going to get back much of the money you spent for it; it’ll be just enough to cover for the price increase of the costumes you’ll be buying for next year. Costume rentals are a lot cheaper and headache free. A kid gets to try on the one he or she likes and if it fits, then the task is over and done with. All you have to do is to bring it back at the appointed time.    

Nonetheless, costume rentals also have their own setbacks. If it’s your first time to resort to this idea, there are a few things you should have to consider. These are necessary details you have to attend to, so you can avoid encountering any detriments with the matter of costume rentals. Here are some of them:  

1. Don’t rent from just any shop. Ask friends and relatives who are into renting which costume rentals shop they recommend best. In case they’re into costume buying too and are relying on you for info about rentals, check out the costume rentals shops that have more patrons. You can visit the shop, check out the available merchandise for rent and strike up a conversation with some of the patrons. Ask about the quality of the services and possible problems.  

2. Inquire from the costume rentals shop itself and determine if the provisions for the following are reasonable or not:

a. The general terms and conditions about costume rentals; be wary of special clauses.

b. The specific policies about deposits; how much is refundable and how much can be treated as your advance costume rental payment.

c. The registration requirements;

3. Find out if costume rental shop allows reservation and the applicable fees as well as the conditions in placing your reservations.    

4. The specific conditions and applicable fees about damaged costumes or lost items as well as for late returns;

5. Find out the best time to place your reservations so you can be rest assured that getting the desired costume will be trouble free.

6. Before placing a reservation, find out if there will be new stocks forth coming and if it’s possible to place them under reservation. In case the costume rental shop does allow it, what are your options in case the forthcoming items do not materialize? It would be best not to place your reservations on non-existing items yet if there are no clear cut policies about this option; you might end up empty handed and will be forced to rent out the leftovers.

7. When getting the costumes you rented, make sure there’s an itemized list of everything you received from the costume rental shop. Retain your copy so you can check your items before returning them. While you’re at it, inspect the merchandise you received if they are all in good condition. Call the attention of the shop representative attending to you about any existing damage. If you cannot get a suitable replacement make sure that the defect or damage is properly noted on the document you will sign for as your receipt acknowledgement.    

8. Return the merchandise intact and properly accounted for on or before its due date to avoid payment of penalties. In case you need to rent it out longer, make the necessary arrangement with the costume rental shop for extension or renewal fees before the due date expires,     

The selection process of the costume rental shop may be cumbersome at first, but doing it right from the very start will bring you the benefits of renting as a better alternative to buying

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