There Are Very Interesting Costumes for Teens

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You can’t expect adolescents to wear fantasy characters or be sweet little ballerinas as their costumes for teens’ Halloween. For sure, they’ll smirk at you for treating them like little kids. So what will this age bracket have as costumes for teens, Halloween revelers will see them wearing?

The most popular costumes for teens Halloween merrymaking will see them in are the Zombies that prowl in the dark night. This age group love to scare people out of their wits. What’s the word juvenile for if they don’t refer to these young people who seem to have the most fun by making people feel uncomfortable with their pranks?

Zombies have a lot of appeal for them because it’s not so much as the costume for teens Halloween will make them wear but the ghoulishness of their special effects and make-up. They will look for the most convincing set of dead looking eyes and the most abhorring skin lesions to use as their costumes for teens’ Halloween. In fact they don’t even have to wear anything fancy and can be as dirty as any zombie who has just risen from the grave.

They can make use of their mom’s old pantyhose and cut off the legs, give it some filler and twist it to perfection to look like intestines coming out of their tummies. If they need some more special effects, they can simply buy one of those genuine looking blood or search the Internet on how to come up with blood and guts that are all gory.     

Their mothers may have saved on the cost of the costume for teens Halloween has for them but before the night of terror and fright is over, their black eyeliners and other makeup will all be consumed. Nevertheless, a lot of online stores for Halloween costumes have a wide selection of different types of zombies to offer as costumes for teens’ Halloween. They could get some more ideas like:

The Zombie Makeup and Accessories to Complete the Costume for Teens’ Halloween

To achieve the gray effect, you should have to use a base color make up as the first coating all over your face, neck and arms. A basic white grease paint mixed with a little green but more of the black tint. Now use your mom’s eyeliner to smudge your eyes with black and make you achieve the sunken eyes effect. Don’t forget to apply some of the eyeliner liquid on your cheeks so you will all the more be drawn and taut.   

Checkout the accessories available at the online stores to make your dreadful look really, really dreadful by buying novelty items such as the disgusting rotten set of teeth. Instead of brandishing an axe like others do, lug around a severed arm or leg to add more special effects to your costumes for teens’ Halloween.

Just a word of caution though, things might get too scary your subconscious mind will carry images of these costumes for teens’ Halloween in your dreams and turn them into nightmares.

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