Safety Tips to Keep In Mind When Choosing Costumes for Babies

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Dressing your kids up in a costume is fun. It’s like dressing up a doll but only better because you get all sorts of reactions that can warm your heart as a parent. However, when it comes to dressing up babies with costumes, you cannot be too liberal with the costume for babies you will use. There are certain limitations you have to consider to avoid mishaps and possible accidents.

Check out the following tips to consider when choosing among the many selections of costume for babies:

1. Inspect the costume for any possible choking hazards like beads and buttons or anything too small they can put in their mouth.

2. Avoid costume for babies that have strings, sashes or cords. They can accidentally strangle themselves or get caught in it.

3. Take note if any paint was used. It would be hard for you to determine whether the paint is toxic or not, so it would be best to avoid these types of costume for babies.

4. Consider the kind materials used; baby skin can get sensitive to rough edges or lace trimmings. In some cases, the costume for babies to choose from is too furry and can cause allergic reactions like sneezing. It may not be readily visible but these types of materials have small threads that tend to separate and dislodge.

5. Check the headbands and other accessories; they may fit too tightly for the baby’s comfort. Avoid using wings for babies since they have wires and babies are not too aware of what you have attached on their backs.

6. Choose costume for babies that are easy to manage during diaper changes. If the costume comes in a jumpsuit style, make sure that there are snap-on openings in the bottom part which makes diaper changing process easier to manage.

We might get carried away and forget the basic safety requirements when it comes to dressing up our babies and toddlers with those cute little costume for babies. For this purpose, here are suggested examples of do-it –yourself costume for babies that you might like to consider:  

Create animal costume for babies that make use of hooded sweatshirts and matching sweat pants. Simply sew on a tail at the backside and a pair of felt ears on the hood. Sew on spots or stripes depending on the skin design of the animal you’ve decided on. Add some mittens and sew on some black material at the tips to make them look like claws. Make use of yarn thread as hair instead of fur materials taken from old discards.          

Dwarf costume for babies which makes use of an oversized sweatshirt for an added dwarfing effect. Green and red colors will have the best results. Make some head dress similar to those worn by the dwarves in the Snowhite movie. Make a pair of oversized ears from felt material and sew them on to the head dress. .       

Pebbles Flintstones costume for babies. This makes use of materials in animal prints, striped or dotted or spotted. All you need to do is too tie up the corners of the piece of cloth on one shoulder Grecian style. Cut the edges in rough irregular but pointed ends, as if some dinosaur’s teeth were used to trim the edges. Construct a piece of bow that will resemble a bone using some soft satin material and fill with a little batting to make it a little stiff. Attach it to some baby clip or barrette and use it to gather your baby’s hair in a pony tail at the top       

There are numerous choices or selection of safety-conscious designs of costume for babies. The little darlings are already cute as they are, hence, we need not go too far in dressing them up in Halloween costume for babies.

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