Ways To Come With The Best Of The Corporate Christmas Gift

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This early, the human resources department of big companies are quite busy in organizing and putting up the different corporate Christmas gift items they have lined up for the coming season. Now more than ever, the staff in-charge has to be more conscious of how to go about buying the items. Cost-saving measures have been a standard company practice even before the recession. These people are used to finding ways on how to maximize the company’s earnings. Hence, people in-charge of the corporate Christmas gift items would be going about it as if they are just spending for major business expenditures.

Large scale businesses already have their suppliers even before gift –buying season came in. All management has to do is pick which supplier is offering the lowest bid with the most appealing corporate Christmas gift suggestions and their approval will set the wheels rolling. The promised delivery date should be observed by the supplier to make sure he gets another chance to bid for next year’s corporate Christmas gift items.

Aside from the employees, who else, will these corporate Christmas gift items be given to? First in the list of course is what companies call as the “valued client”. These are the repeat buyers who have continued to support the business through their continued patronage. Often, if there is a classification of the corporate Christmas gift selections to Class A, B or C, these groups will of course get the Class A Christmas gifts.  

The company creditors as well as investors or stockholders also rank high when it comes to receiving the corporate Christmas gifts for the holidays. Their support in infusing funds or extending additional credit lines for regular business needs are recognized and appreciated.

The lists of recipients will go on but will be delegated to different departments and branches. These departments will have to optimize the giving away of these gifts because they are allotted based on their budgets.

The most common of these corporate Christmas gift packages are the Gift Baskets, The Wine or Liquor Selections, Leather Goods like wallets, cardholders, desk organizers all bearing the company logo. Other corporate Christmas gift items include T-shirts, key holders, umbrellas, paper weights, decorative plates, wall clocks, picture frames and the likes. Suppliers offer them at greatly reduced prices compared to their retail selling but they would rather have a steady source of income on a year round basis.  

Here are some of the methods that companies adhere to in order to maximize their budget for corporate Christmas gift items:

1. Canvassing the best price and the best item from a verified supplier;

2. Placing orders early;

3. Purchasing the gift basket contents like groceries and liquor direct from wholesalers with the best discount and the longest terms of credit;

4. Assigning some personnel to be in-charge of accounting, arranging and distributing the gift baskets;  

5. Requiring a specific deadline for all orders to be in to ensure the smooth preparation and distribution.

Your business may not be as large scale as some companies but by adhering to the same principles of corporate Christmas gift giving system, you can optimize whatever budget you can shell out. This way you will be able to show appreciation to your customers, creditors, suppliers and employees during the holiday season as a form of tradition.

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