Cop Costumes Are Liked By All Ages and Gender

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Most kids would love to don a cop costume for Halloween. At an early age, some youngsters are quite impressed with the prestige and respect that come along with the cop’s uniform. However, if you will be browsing the net for ready to wear costumes for kids, a cop costume for a child is often hard to come by

Now if your kid is really bent on wearing one, try to show him pictures of different police uniforms just to get an idea of his perception of a cop costume. Naturally, what he may have in mind is the typical uniform of light blue colored polo shirt and the dark colored pants. You can also get the dark blue polo shirt version and show him a picture of it if he needs convincing.

If you have no issues regarding the polo and the dark pants requirements, the next thing you’ll need is the typical toy set of cop gadgets consisting of a badge, walkie-talkie, handcuffs, nightstick and gun. That is, if you have no aversion for toy guns. Perhaps this will satisfy your kid’s imagination in pretending to be a cop for the Halloween event in his cop costume. You can also print his name and preferred police force as his name plate using the kind of sticker paper used by party organizers.

Complete his cop costume ensemble with a blue cap and make it more cop-like by printing an emblem of a police force. Convince your kid that a pair of rubber shoes serves cops better especially if they have to run after bad people. It would hurt your kid’s feet if he has to stay true to form by wearing a pair of black leather shoes while trick or treating.        

Now if you’re an adult and you still haven’t outgrown your penchant for cop costume, you won’t have any problem looking for one in costume shop outlets. You can find a complete set of cop costume with all the accessories you need like a badge, hat, patches, utility belt and nightstick. Just one word of caution though, don’t go all out in making your costume appear authentic by going too far as using the real McCoy without the knowledge of its owner.

There’s a law against impersonating an officer and you might get into serious trouble if you’re to use the authentic cop uniform as your cop costume. Even the owner of the real cop uniform will get into trouble. He’s ability to perform his duty will be put under a bad light if he cannot even safeguard the sanctity of his own uniform.

On the other hand, a female cop costume is more fun because they come in different sexy versions. If you’re looking for one, you can have the S.W.A.T. design, or the Border Patrol Khaki ensemble. All designs come complete with hat, belt, badge and handcuffs. Other cop costume accessories which can be optional are the sunglasses and fishnet stockings. If you’re to wear these female cop costumes, you’re quite safe from being accused of impersonating a police officer. A female cop costume can be quite sexy with its high-reaching slits and low-dipping décolletage.      

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