You Can Make A Complete Aquarium

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Setting up a complete aquarium is fairly easy. If you already have some fish ready or already know what to buy, then the only thing you lack is an aquarium.  Here is one way to set up a fresh water fish aquarium and some basic equipment. It may interest you to know why your complete aquarium needs them:

1. An aquarium stand or a stable cabinet with a wide base
Make sure that before you fill the aquarium with water, you have already placed it in a secure and stable location.  Once you have filled the complete aquarium with water and with everything it needs, it would be difficult to move it around.

2. A background for your aquarium
If you want to make it more interesting, a good background will make your complete aquarium look better.  One side of the aquarium can be painted a solid color, or have it painted by a professional. Another way to give it a solid background is by attaching a pre-made backdrop since getting a professional to paint it may cost a lot. It is best to place it on the outside of the glass, to allow for a future replacement should you feel like it.

3. Some gravel for added effect
For a complete aquarium to look great, gravel on the bottom will provide a better effect. It can also do a great job in concealing the under water filter. Just make sure that you have thoroughly washed them with quality drinking water before placing it in the bottom.

4. An under water filter
This will keep the fish wastes from accumulating; hence, keep the water clean and clear.  Once you have a complete aquarium, it will be barely seen as it will be placed under the gravel.

5. Heater and external filter
A heater is a device that will keep the water at an optimal temperature for the fish.  However, consult with your fish supplier as to what temperature they will be most comfortable in before setting the thermostat. As for the external filter, it will provide the additional cleaning device for the water. An external filter works great in making your complete aquarium run with minimal maintenance.

6. Quality drinking water
When filling the aquarium with water, make sure that you fill it only up to a level that will not cause it to spill over when the additional equipment is placed.

7. An air stone for the water pump
This is a great device since it will provide better oxygenation to make your complete aquarium an ideal habitat. Better oxygenation means sustaining lively colored fish.

8. A Thermometer
Place it on the side of your complete aquarium so you can see if the water is at an optimal temperature for your fish.

These are the basic items for a complete aquarium. If you want you can add more decors like fake or real plants. Just make sure that if you are to use real plants, use aquatic plants. Terrestrial plants would only decompose if you use them underwater.

To ensure that your fish will thrive in your aquarium, just remember to let the water stand with the pumps and filters running for 24 hours before putting in your fish. This will de-chlorinate your water and will make the water suitable for the fish to live in. Lastly, don’t forget to feed your fish; a complete aquarium only serves as a suitable habitat for them.
You should keep it in mind that you have placed the fish in an artificial habitat and the matter of providing them sustenance inside a complete aquarium should come from you.

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