My Favourite Sites to Earn Money by Writing Online

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After eons of searching for the perfect job (which I’m still doing, btw, if anybody has any suggestions for somebody who values her freedom, likes to engage in active projects in which I can use my wits, imagination, knowledge, etc., but a job that doesn’t tie me to a desk – what I look for is something that can feed my enthusiam and is not the typical cubicle-ish motivation killer! whaaah), I’ve decided I should try my luck in writing. I’ve always had a thing for writing, I can say I’ve always been good at it and I said, if I started a blog in which I write my personal stuff, why can’t I find places where to actually earn by writing articles about things I love or things I know a lot of?

So, after intensive googling sessions (if you are also interested, click on the terms I’ve searched for, they might actually help you more than they helped me:writing onlinewrite onlineonline writingearn by writingwriting for money,writing for cashwrite for moneywrite for cashfreelance writingwriting jobs), after reading tons of blog posts, specialized sites and reviews, I’ve ended up with a number of favourite places where I like to scratch my pen, so to say. Here they are, in no particular order (well, in the order I’ve bookmarked them, I’m not gonna alphabetize or prioritize, you pick your favs, and if you have any more suggestion or complaints, don’t hesitate to tell me!!):

  • Helium – I think I like this one best. I find it a great place for both writers and readers, you can choose from a wide range of topics and actually earn cash (if you have at least one rating star – that is, you have to also rate articles, comparing them by value, not only write your own) publishing. You can write single articles, participate in debates (not only with yes and no, obviously), go to the marketplace for extra earnings and, why not, participate in contests. Your ratings are interactive (and live!) so, if you want to actually earn money there, you have to be constant in writing and rating to keep a high percentage (ideally over 75%) and gain as many stars as you can (again, ideally 5 stars). I’m only at the beginning, but I have the feeling it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship. It is very competitive and I have to add that there are certain sections that are not included in the upfront payment plan (namely Creative Writing, Politics News & Issues, Religion & Spirituality, Society & Lifestyle, Recipes and the main Other section), but they do give you credit (and stars) for your Creative Writing activities (poetry, reflections, narrative stuff, etc.). If you want to invite friends, it’s quite painstaking because you have to take them one at a time.
  • Triond – I am fairly new at this, but it seems like a good place and I’ve read some good reviews. Interestingly, in order to be able to gain from referrals, you will have to have earned money there at least once. [I’ll update this later when I’ll have used it a little more to provide y’all with a pertinent opinion]
  • Associated Content – I’m also new at this, but I like the way you submit your articles in several steps discouraging anybody who just wants to post something for the sake of it – it’s precise, the layout is nice and – to this date, December 5th 2009 – I’ve only published 1 article, and I’ve already got 0.04, which is a fortune compared to all those PayPerClick sites where you go clickity, clickity until your fingers drop and you barely earn a 0.0001 something… Anyway, back to AC,  I recommend it, it’s really good and has quite high standards, so you can also add it to your portofolio (Helium and I suppose Triond as well can be nice gold nuggets on your CV). You can also connect with Twitter and Facebook and invite people from Y!Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, and they say soon Facebook.
  • Bukisa – This is also a nice site, I love the layout, the earnings are starting to come pretty fast, you can post your articles automatically on Twitterand they actually allow you to post stuff that you have written on other sites (even though they warn you that earnings will not be as high as with original content, which is normal, I guess). You can publish up to 25 articles per day, but don’t let that stop you in conquering the online world of writing! I like it and I recommend it to y’all, plus you get payed for everything you write, unlike – unfortunately – on Helium. Like in all of the sites mentioned, you gain from your writing and your networking (here, from you get a share from your network’s earnings) and you can invite a block of people from different e-mail accounts.
  • Ezine Articles – It’s not actually paying you for your articles, but due to it’s high standards and fast broadcast (of course after your article passes through thorough reviews) you’ll get hundreds of views, and maybe, why not, you’ll be discovered by a published and/or you’ll make your name known as an online (and offline!) writer. It’s a good place to build a portofolio.

With this, I wish good luck to all ye aspiring writers and may we meet some day at some book-fest, book-signing or online writing conference, you name it


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