Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

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The Skyrail Rainforest Cableway stretches over 7.5 kms of World Heritage Rainforest from Cairns to Kuranda.

This unique experience has won numerous awards for sustainable tourism and has been voted Australia’s best tourist attraction.

Construction of the Skyrail Cableway

The Skyrail Cableway is located 15 minutes north of Cairns, Australia. More than 7 years of planning and studies were carried out before construction was started, and it remains the most environmentally sensitive cableway project in the world.

World first construction techniques were used to ensure no threatened or endangered species were harmed in the placing of the tower sites and to protect the tropical rainforest. Existing canopy gaps in the rainforest were selected for tower sites, and helicopters were used to transport construction materials such as concrete and the actual towers themselves.

When it was opened in August 1995, it was the world’s largest cableway. There are a total of 114 gondolas that can carry up to 700 people per hour, each way. The Skyrail Cableway has been designed to be a safe and environmentally friendly way to view the World Heritage Rainforest in the Far North Queensland region.

The Skyrail Experience

Ascending from Cairns in 6-person gondolas, the journey to Kuranda takes 90 minutes one way, or 2.5 hours for a return trip. You should allow extra time to view the 2 station stops, Red Peak station and Barron Falls station, and to explore Kuranda village. The gondolas will stop at both of the stations on the way to Kuranda and you will be given a choice if you wish to get off or continue.

Red Peak Station is the first stop and has 175m of boardwalk for you to explore the rainforest from under the canopy. You can take a free guided boardwalk tour with the informative rangers or ask them any questions you may have about the native flora and fauna in this rainforest ecosystem.

Barron Falls Station is the next stop and provides you with amazing photo opportunities of the magnificient Barron Falls Gorge. There are three different lookouts for views of the falls and the best time to see the Gorge is in the wet season between December and March. The Barron Falls Station also has a Rainforest Interpretation Centre, which is worth checking out.

Kuranda – The Village in the Rainforest

Ascending the rainforest, you will find yourself at the rainforest village of Kuranda. You should allow 2-3 hours to make the most of exploring Kuranda. There are many cafes to have lunch, explore the markets which are open every day or visit the butterfly sanctuary, koala gardens or bird world.

Cost and Bookings

The Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is open every day except Christmas Day and bookings are highly recommended. The Skyrail costs $78 for adults, $39 for children or $195 for a family, which includes return transfers from your Cairns hotel.

To get the most out of your Tropical Rainforest Experience and time in Cairns, alot of people choose to take the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway one direction and the Kuranda Scenic Railway in the other direction. The Skyrail Cableway and the Train Station are located next to each other in Kuranda village, which makes it easy to know where you are to check in for your return journey.

If you wish to combine both actitvities, it costs $92.50 for adults, $46.75 for children of $231.75 for a family, which includes a one way transfer. As the Skyrail Cableway is located 15 minutes out of Cairns, a one way transfer is required. The Kuranda Skyrail and Scenic Rail is an experience like no other, and you will go home with some amazing memories and photos of the region.


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