Airport Security procedures for passengers

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Airport security procedures for passengers may be annoying but if you plan ahead you can speed through airport checkpoints with hardly any trouble at all. Don’t let queuing at security checkpoints get you down. The TSA (Transport Security Administration) has come up with many airport security protocols to ensure the safety of its passengers. If you follow these tips you can get through airport security checks with no snags at all.

Tips for Passengers:

  • Dress Sensibly:

 Avoid wearing shoes, clothing or jewelry that could set off metal detector alarms at airport security checkpoints. Keep your pockets free of change and wear a jacket that you can slip on and off easily.  If even after all precautions, you may have to be screened, remember that passengers have a right to request a private screening.

  • Pack Intelligently:

Pack all metal items separately in a carry-on bag and remove laptops and cameras from their cases. Perishable food items and fragile articles should either be carried with you in a carry-on bag or shipped ahead to the destination. Passengers should not overstuff bags because if you have to open them at an airport security checkpoint, closing it back again will be cumbersome and time consuming.

  • Efficient Time Management

Schedule sufficient wait time during check in and also for queuing in airport security lanes. Some airports also offer wait time estimates at airport security checkpoints on their websites.  There are also a few smart phone applications that can provide passengers with approximate wait times in security lanes. Moreover when you reach the airport, you may have to queue up in a security line for sometime. You should make the most of this wait time by removing your coat and watch and placing your change and phone in your carry bag.

  • Use your name as mentioned on your ID

TSA regulations require that the names of passengers match the one on their IDs including other information like gender and date of birth. Minor variations between the ID and boarding pass won’t be a problem but uniformity will be of great help in reducing your wait time in airport security queues. 

  • Be Smart and Polite

Many airports now have three different lines for passengers namely expert, casual and family. If you’re traveling with family select the last line. TSA airport security procedures limit the amount of fluids passengers can carry on the plane. One quart-sized, clear plastic bag with 3-ounce container of liquid is the permissible limit per passenger. There are certain exceptions in case of medication and breast milk but these must be declared.   So if you have fluids that have to be declared, choose the family line. Be amiable and co-operative at airport security lanes as grouchy passengers are more likely to seem distrustful and may need additional screening.  

Airport security procedures for passengers may seem time consuming and taxing but they have to be adhered to in order to ensure a safe and pleasant journey.


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