How to increase Property value and promote buyer appeal

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The real estate market has suffered quite a few jolts in the global meltdown and increasing property value and promoting buyer appeal has become the need of the hour. Contrary to popular perception, home improvement does not need to cost much. You can carry out a few effective yet inexpensive measures to increase your property value and enhance buyer appeal.

– Spicing up your yard

Your yard is the first thing that a potential buyer or estate agent comes across when he visits your home. Keep your yard tidy and free from clutter. Mow the lawn, trim straggly shrubs and hedges and sweep the fallen leaves away. Dispose off broken toys and trash and keep the grass green and appealing. A yard that looks neat and presentable automatically increases property value and promotes buyer appeal.

– Maintenance of the Exterior to Increase Property Value

 An interested buyer will examine the exterior of your home to determine whether the house is well maintained and able to stand the test of time. A well preserved exterior goes a long way to increase property value and promote buyer appeal. Treat the outside of your home including the driveway to a thorough power wash. If the paint is peeling off, apply a fresh coat of paint to brighten the exterior. Get rid of the dirt and grime from any sidings, railings or stairs that are outside. Mend broken windows and make sure your roof is not in shambles. A keen eye for detail helps enhance property value and buyer appeal.

– Get Rid of Nasty Odors

When a prospective buyer or broker visits your home, he will be immediately put off if greeted by a revolting smell. Take out the garbage, clean pet urine and get rid of mold and mildew. As a quick fix, you could use scented candles and room fresheners to dilute cooking odors and any other smell that seems offensive to your nose. But nothing compensates for a good overall cleaning. Making sure your home doesn’t smell like a pig sty will help increase its property value and promote buyer appeal.

– Grooming the Interior to Increase Property Value

If you want to increase the property value of your home and enhance its buyer appeal, it’s not only the façade of your house that’s important but also the interior. You don’t want your home to look like a hurricane has been through it. So, mop and wax the floors, polish the furniture and ensure everything is in its place. Keep sinks, showers, toilets and fixtures spotlessly clean. Dust the dirt and grime off drawers, shelves and window sills and make sure nothing is lying strewn about on the floors.

– Carry out Repairs to Enhance Buyer Appeal

 No matter how much you try to cut corners, you have to carry out at least a few minor repairs to prevent your house from falling apart. After all the property value of your home depends on how good a condition it is in. Replace broken knobs, light bulbs and switches. Get a plumber to fix that conked out faucet and make sure that the electrical wiring is not faulty. Ensure that your toilet flushes properly and the tanks don’t overflow. Carrying out some minor but necessary repairs will not only enhance your property value but will also promote buyer appeal.

– Finishing Touches

Adding a few delicate finishing touches to your home will improve its overall ambience and increase its buyer appeal. Cleaning your carpet is one way to add to the attractiveness of your home. A soiled carpet looks unsightly and is quite damaging to the appearance of your home. You can get it professionally cleaned or alternatively choose to do it yourself. Color schemes that are pleasing to the eye can be used if you’re planning to wallpaper or paint your home. Remove anything that seems incongruous with the overall décor of your home. Consult home improvement magazines for some easy inexpensive ways to brighten up your home.

Sometimes a vase or an unusual looking curio placed in a prominent position can alter even the gloomiest of rooms. A tastefully done up home will enhance your property value and promote buyer appeal. In the current scenario of falling real estate prices, you have to make your house stand out among the rest if you want to increase its property value and buyer appeal. The tips mentioned above should help you get there without sending your budget through the roof.

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