Massive Destruction By Earthquake in Port Au Prince

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The charity Oxfam International has indicated that the damage can be very large, while described as “chaotic” situation of the island, according to testimony of its personnel in that country. “It is too early to know the extent of the earthquake that has hit Haiti, but early indications are that there are no communications in the country,” said Oxfam’s humanitarian director, Jane Cocking, through a press release issued in New York .

In turn, earthquake experts have predicted a great destruction and many casualties. An earthquake of this type has the potential to do great damage, told reporters today Don Blakeman, an analyst at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). “I think we’ll see substantial damage and casualties” as a result of this earthquake, the most violent in the history of Haiti, he said.

That possibility is heightened by the fact that the earthquake occurred in a crowded area near Port au Prince, the capital, where nearly half the population, which amounts to 9 million people. 

Global Help to Port  Au Prince

A first-Venezuelan humanitarian mission comprising doctors, firefighters and members of Civil Protection-left Thursday morning to Haiti, to cooperate in the rescue laborare.

“Today comes the first advance towards the brotherly people of Haiti,” said Interior Minister Tarek El Aissami, from Simón Bolívar Airport, which serves the city of Caracas, from where he left the quota.

The delegation of 50 people is comprised of 19 physicians, 10 fire experts “in search, rescue and Rescue, 17 personnel of Civil Protection” damage assessment specialists, and four members of the Venezuelan armed forces that will define the next “missions to be undertaken towards this people “

For his part, President Barack Obama said the United States is willing to “help the people of Haiti.”

Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said he was “very concerned” and urged Defense Minister Brazilian soldiers who make up the UN force to help “reduce the suffering of the population.”

France also announced the imminent dispatch of two aircraft with humanitarian supplies and aid workers.

Dominican Republic President Leonel Fernández has also announced it would send aid to the neighboring country.

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) announced an emergency grant of $ 200,000 for food, water, medicine and shelter to victims.

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