When to use "and I" and when to use "and me"

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 I’ve noticed that a lot of people think that to say “and me” in a sentence is always wrong. Perhaps they were corrected to say “and I” so often that they think it is the correct form.

Which is correct:

A.  Mary and I went to the store.

B.  Me and Mary went to the store.

In this case A is correct.  “Mary and I” are the subjects of the sentence, the ones who are doing the action. The pronoun “I” is the subjective form.

How about this one:

A.  Dad gave my sister and I each a dollar.

B.  Dad gave my sister and me each a dollar.

In this case, B is correct. “My sister and me” are the objects in this sentence. Dad gave a dollar to me and a dollar to my sister. My sister and me are the objects, or the recipients of the dollars. The pronoun “me” is the objective form.

Here is a quick trick that doesn’t involve having to remember the words subjective and objective. In the sentence:

  • Mary and I went to the store.
    ► Try saying it without the other person’s name:

a)  I went to the store.

b)  Me went to the store.

►See, you know enough about subjects and objects to know                 that “a” is correct.

Now do the same with the second example. Take out “my sister” and say the sentence with “I” or “me”:

a)  Dad gave me a dollar.

b)  Dad gave I a dollar.

I’m sure that you can tell that “b” is correct.

If you try this simple trick, I am sure that you will find this easy.



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