Causes of cough and Natural Remedies

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A voluntary cough – this cough is on your own or it could be – your body reacts of its own volition.  A cough can either be chronic or acute depending on its duration.  A cough could also be productive in that it produces mucus, or it could be unproductive – a dry cough. Whatever the categorization may be, a cough is uncomfortable and excessive coughing can make you weak.

Remedies for cough, can be effective in curing the cough or help in preventing the conditions.  A dry cough occurs when you have a tickle in the back of your throat alerts an individual that a problem has developed that needs attention. Dry cough, home remedies can provide the relief you looking for! We all look for remedies that soothe the throat.

Causes and Natural Remedies

Causes of Cough:  throat feels dry and hoarse and makes swallowing painful plus a dry irritating cough with no phlegm, is not a good sign. This is infections caused by bacteria or viruses. Other irritants include cigarette smoke, dust, extremely hot foods, chronic cough, fried foods and polluting chemicals in the environment. Any cough for more than a week, with headache or fever, and cough which has thick yellow or green mucous should be evaluated by a doctor. Persistent dry cough leads to tuberculosis.

excessive loud talking,  and the nervous habit of clearing throat will irritate the mucous membranes, with hoarseness being the early side effect. Sore throats are self-limiting diseases and, depending on the status of the body’s natural defense system, should clear within a week. if the sore throat worsens, Antibiotics, such as penicillin, is an important form of treatment in serious cases of sore throats. 

Below are Helpful Home Remedies
Garlic: garlic extract, in your diet it has remarkable antibiotic properties and helps the immune system in stimulating cells, killing pathogens and detoxifying carcinogen. It penetrates microorganisms in the cell walls and upset their biochemical balance and impedes their activity.
Onions:  Onion juice mixed with honey helps loosen the mucus and relieve cough and chest congestion and soothes the throat. Onions helps sooth blood circulation, clears clogged arteries.
Vitamins:  boost immune system with nutritional supplements  vitamins C and E and zinc.
 Turmeric: Boil a glass of milk, add a pinch of turmeric powder, 1/8 teaspoon white/black pepper, ¾  teaspoon honey, drink this mixture while still hot before bedtime and in mornings. It helps reduce the swellings and heals the inflammation from the inside of throat, very effective for sore throat, coughing and tonsils
 Hot Tea: cup of hot ginger tea, two drops of lemon, 1 teaspoon of honey, honey is a powerful natural antibiotic.  Drink it while it is hot. It soothes your throat and controls the itchiness in the throat and stops dry cough.   Peppermint tea is a natural decongestant and thyme is an expectorant, which helps you to cough more productively. Chamomile tea is soothing.
Grapes:  another home remedy for cough. Grapes tone up the passages of the lungs and are excellent expectorants, coughs out mucus. Half cup grape juice with honey can relieve cough. 

When coughing drink warm/hot water or hot tea. Hot water helps better digestion and relieves congestion. Example  the Chinese believe in hot drinks with meals, whenever you go into Chinese restaurants, you will see many drinking hot Chinese tea instead of cold drinks. Because hot drinks helps better digestions.

God Bless Amen! Cathy B Kaur, Houston, Texas


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