Choosing a Family Pet

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Having a pet can bring joy to your life. It can also cause problems if you do not think the commitment through. Pets are not returnable like clothing or shoes. When you decide you want to add a pet to your household there are many points to consider.

1- How often are you home and available to train or care for a pet? Some pets, especially when you first adopt them, require training and lots of attention. Other kinds of pets are more self-sufficient and although they need to get used to their surroundings, they can do that without you being around.

2- Who is going to care for the pet? Often children do not realize what a huge responsibility it can be to care for a live pet. When the thrill is gone for the child, are you, as the adult, ready and willing to pick up the slack?

3- The size of your home is a concern also for what kind of pet you choose. Some kinds of animals, like large dogs, need to have space and ideally, a yard to run around in. Cats are more versatile and can do well in an apartment or in a house.

4- Does anyone in your home have allergies? Make sure that you are aware before you bring home a pet that will make an allergy or asthma sufferer ill. Once you fall in love with a pet it will be hard to give it up but necessary if it makes someone ill.

5- If you have children, consider their ages when you decide what kind of pet to add to your household.

6- Do you research about whatever kind of pet you are considering adopting. Use the Internet to find out about different breeds, any health concerns, feeding, care and lifespan.

Think your choice through very carefully and enjoy your new pet if you choose to get one.


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