Getting Fit with Wii Fit Plus

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Getting back into shape can be done at home with Wii Fit Plus. If you had bought a Wii gaming system for your kids, all you need is a Wii balance board and Wii Fit Plus to start your personalized fitness program at home. This game makes it fun to workout and you can easily do a personalized 30 minute routine whenever you want.

1- The first thing you do is to create a profile. Your BMI, Wii Fit age and training history will be recorded. You also choose a Mii character that you personalize to be you.

2- The next thing is to do a Body Test. You enter your birth date and height. The Body Test measures your center of balance, BMI and Wii Fit age. Every time you work out you can do this body test to see how you are progressing. Your center of balance is a great tool for improving your posture which not only can make you look and feel better but challenges you to focus on body awareness.

3- Set a goal. You choose a goal regarding your weight and BMI and you decide how long to give yourself to achieve this goal. It makes it fun and gives you something to work towards.

4-Choose your routine to do. You can focus on specific areas of your body or choose to work on improving relaxation or better balance. There are so many activities to do within each catagory that you will never get bored. You can explore and find your favorites (which are kept in memory) or do only yoga one day, strength training or aerobics on another day, balance games or play with other family members using multiplayer.

5- Wii Fit Plus encourages you and as you improve in skill level, the activity moves to a more advanced level. You can always find a challenge but it makes it fun.

If you choose to start slowly and only do 20 minutes at one time, that is OK also. At the end of your working out, the amount of time you worked out will be stored. Wii Fit Plus has the perfect balance of being challenging while keeping it fun for any age and any fitness level.


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