Saving Money on Your Wedding

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Your wedding is the day where you and the love of your life marry in front of family and friends. It shouldn’t be a day that costs you as much as the down payment on a house. Unless of course you have money to spend like that, then you would not be reading this article. You can have a beautiful wedding and not break the bank.

1- Be flexible on when you want to get married. There are certain days of the week that cost less to get married such as a friday evening. Certain times of the year that are less popular for weddings can also mean savings for couples also. Months like October and November are traditionally not as popular and you can save money on reception halls because of this.

2- Consider a buffet instead of a sit-down dinner for your reception. You can even go a step further and have it catered separately from the hall where you have the reception and save money that way. If you belong to a church, consider using their facilities if they have any. Maybe a family member has connections to a club or hall that you can rent for less.

3- Shop around when it comes to photos and your wedding cake. Ask recently married friends and don’t be shy about asking how much they spent. A photographer who is just starting out but shows you good quality work will cost you less than someone who is well-established.

4- Consider not buying a brand-new wedding gown unless of course you can get it at a ridiculously bargain price. You will only wear this gown once and it is silly to spend so much money that you will never get back. Look in thrift stores for gowns that with a little altering can become yours.

5- You can save money on decorating your reception hall by having family and friends do it for you. Have a friend or family member who is creative? They will probably be flattered if you ask them to do this for you.

6- Keep your guest list intimate, the smaller amount of guests, the lesser the costs.

7- You can opt to only serve a champage or wine toast and not serve alcohol at your reception. This is totally acceptable and it helps to keep costs down.

8- Having a friday night ceremony means you can possibly not have a full meal at your reception, just appetizers. This can be very elegant followed by the wedding cake.

Remember this is the beginning of your marriage, it should not be the beginning of your debt. A couple can have a beautiful wedding if they can both agree that it is about the joining of the couple and not about how lavish a production they can make it. Make your love the focus of the celebration and it will be a beautiful event.


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