Adopting the Right Cat

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There are things to consider when adopting a cat as a pet. Most often people want a cat because of their independence, but having a cat that hides all the time is like not really having a pet. Adopting a cat is more than choosing a kitten or cat based on what they look like. Here are some tips for finding the right kind of cat for your lifestyle.

1- Do you have other pets in the home that your new cat will need to get along with? Unless you are prepared for all the fighting and unhappiness that can occur, think about where you are getting your new cat from. Adopting from a private owner with a trial period is helpful when you are bringing a new pet into a home with existing animals.

2- Will this be your only pet? If so, think about how much time you will have to get to know the kitten or cat. If you can spend the first few days bonding with the cat, you will be able to develop a better connection to each other.

3- Are you adopting a kitten or cat just to rescue an animal? If that is the case, then maybe you are not concerned with worrying if the cat will “take” to you. Cats or kittens that come from the “wild” and are not used to human contact, often will “hide” and not be very friendly with people. Of course, there are always exceptions but cats that have had to fend for themselves often do not take well to humans.

4- The best kitten or cat to adopt has had plenty of human contact and will easily come to you when you put your hand out to it. Shelter kittens or cats can be great additions to any household unless of course, they have been abused which you can usually tell when you meet them. They will not show affection towards you and will not want to be held.

5- Kittens that come from the wild are best adopted when they are young so that they can get used to human touch. Older cats that come from a shelter and had been living with humans make great companion pets. Some cats have strong personalities and their chemistry and yours will sometimes be very strong from the beginning.

The most important thing to consider when adopting a kitten or cat is to remember that although they can often be left to themselves, they still need love and care. You should never adopt an animal unless you are prepared to take care of all their needs. Cats can live to be 10 years old or older. It is a commitment that should not be taken lightly.


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