Best Diet for Burning fat

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Losing body fat isn’t easy… for a lot of people it’s not just what they eat but also their genetics, or even a disease that causes you to uncontrollably gain weight. But for anyone diet is a huge part of your weight gain, so eating to burn fat is crucial and a must for anyone looking to lose weight. I’ve gone over a diet plan that will help anyone burn fat naturally without those horrible diet pills that everyone seems to think they need.

Chicken breast: Like I recommended for building muscle, Chicken breast are also good for burning fat… because they have a very low fat percentage compared to thighs and wings. Remember; eating the rights foods will actually put your body into a fat burning stage, not just prevent weight gain, but influence your body to slim down. So Chicken should be your first choice in meats.

No Fast foods! I know the convenience of just driving through a drive-thru to get a meal but fast food is never good for you. Even if it says low fat, it’s not what it says. A cheese burger from a fast food joint has about three times the fat and about ten times the calories. Keep this rule in mind, or you’re not serious about your health of your body.

Soy: even though soy is very good for you, you may want to limit this to once or twice a week. Leftover protein in soy will digest into estrogen instead of testosterone… causing you to gain weight. Testosterone will burn fat and build muscle, while estrogen will build fat reserves. That’s the science behind the fact that woman gain weight easier than men do. Hormones can make a huge difference, that’s not saying that you should go buy hormone pills, just watch what you eat.

White rice: I recommend White rice over brown because there’s less calories and fat. Eating White rice can help your body burn fat, especially if you eat rice over a slice of pizza. If you decide to fry your rice, do so with low fat oils… cooking with oils that are high in fat can cancel out the benefits of the mean itself.

These are only some of the foods you can eat to burn body fat. Make sure to read nutrition labels very carefully when shopping for foods. Stay to your diet and you will see results even without exercise, but exercising and staying active can greatly help you lose weight. Remember to drink lots of water and avoid coffee and sodas, things with a lot of sugar will slow your progress.


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