Best Diet for Building Muscle

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Eating to build muscle can be very hard indeed. There are so many how-to articles on the internet that would lead you to believe false information about dieting to build muscle. Most people would have you believe that eating too much will cause you to put on fat… Which is not true; if you eat the right food and keep exercising you will not gain fat. Get your information here if only here. I probably have less than 3% body fat, I’m a hair shy of six foot even and I weigh-in at a solid 135. I’m thin but it’s all muscle.

The best meat for building muscle without putting on fat is all-white Chicken breast. About any given Chicken breast has around 30 grams of protein, which is great considering that a large egg only has 6 grams of protein. Grill or fry your chicken breast in low fat oils, cook well, eat it with about a half cup of white rice, and maybe throw in some vegetables if you like. This mean will have about 45 plus grams of protein, with maybe 2 grams of fat!

Egg whites: A lot of people ask, “Why just the egg whites and not the yoke?” well it’s because the yoke is high in fat and Cholesterol. Which is why doctors tell you not to eat them if you’re trying to lose weight, recover from a heart-attack… or even prevent one. Eat your egg whites in the morning about an hour before your work out. About 4-5 of them, you can add toast if you like but not much, but rather than toast, try making it with a side of oatmeal. Oatmeal is great for protein, and before you add sugar, just put a scoop of your selected protein shake powder in it instead.

Protein shakes: My all-time favorite protein shake is Muscle-Milk! It is the best hands down in every way possible; it’s everything a protein shake should be. Drink one right before your workout (With water or milk, should use water) one right after, and one an hour before bed… And in your oatmeal if you like. Remember it is not meant for mean-replacement, just an add-on.

Tuna; Tuna is a great high protein food. Eat a basic size can in the afternoons with some mayo if you like it that way. (If you don’t like tuna, replace it with all natural peanut butter) You can also add peanut butter in with your protein shake.

Beans with rice: Neither Beans or rice is a whole protein, but add them together and they become a great source of whole protein, and are easy on your digestion. This is one of those best in the evening’s meal, definitely after your workout and not before it… (White and brown rice can be interchangeable)

Beef and ground beef: in the mornings after your breakfast of eggs, eat a half-pound steak with a side of 1 scrambled egg. (One yoke won’t hurt) if you are going to eat ground beef make sure it is 100% beef with no other parts added in. those other parts are usually high in fat, so stay away. (Keep this in mind even if you’re not training to build muscle, ground beef can be very bad for you if it’s not 100% pure beef)

Remember that it takes a lot of water to digest protein, so drink lots of it. I hope my article helped, if you need exercise advice read this article:


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