Where is the Stimulus?

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In February of 2009, the Government passed President Barack Obama’s Economic stimulus bill. Which cost $787 Billion. Only $54 billion of that went to small businesses. The rest was basically waste. Because there has been no stimulus sense then. Where is that money? Now the cost of it has reached over 1 trillion dollars of your money.  That is Obama’s change.

Unemployment is up 6% sense then. Average household income is down, the average work week is now 32 hours a week instead of 40. There is 13% more welfare recipients sense February. Unemployment benefits in most states has been completely drained, and the money is coming from higher taxes. California has completely run dry of funds, and has been paying for their projects in IOU’s. So tell us Mr. President, who did that money stimulate? Was it the field mice in California whereas $20 million was spent on keeping them out of golf courses to save them from getting run over by carts?

Now the president is trying to socialize medicine, control local governments, keep congress persons from speaking out against him, drive the insurance companies under (There are over 50+ million jobs in the health insurance industry) start drafting youth for Para-Military projects (“Anyone from ages 16 to 25 will be required to serve 6 months of basic training.” Rahm Emanuel – chief of Staff for president Obama.  None of this is hearsay. This has all been publically preached by Obama and his democratic allies. Anyone who speaks out is deemed a racist, or a right-wing nut job. This is the change most of you voted for, next time try to see through the deceit.

If Obama is re-elected, just picture the wasteful spending that he’ll shove down the throat of Americans. The Economic stimulus bill was a joke. It was nothing more than a bailout for companies (And field Mice) that didn’t need it. Whereas a lot of Americans did need it. I myself can’t find a job as a result of the Recession that Bush started, and Obama is now running with.


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