Why RAP music is dying out.

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RAP music picked up most of its popularity from the late 1990’s onto now. But recently, the trend has been dying out, and I couldn’t be happier with that. I used to be a firm believer in RAP causing violence, now that I’m older and smarter (Smarter is debatable) I feel like it’s more the person not the influence, but I think that there are some of those people who do whatever they think is cool and are extremely easy to influence. That person isn’t too hard to find, but harder than I used to believe.

Don’t get me wrong, I have my list of favorite RAP/Hip Hop songs, but I don’t dress like I’m on my way to a Snoop Dogg Concert, or to rob a liquor store, which ever sounds better. (That’s not racist… it’s profiling!) And I certainly don’t talk like it either. There’s the difference. Music doesn’t have to be a culture or a lifestyle. People who listen to Rock music don’t all have piercings on every natural thing grown off of their face. Just like people who listen to opera don’t walk around in Broadway getups. There’s a line to be drawn on things.

One of the things I hate the most is when people have a serious case of race confusion. Like milky white people saying things like, “You’re trippin’” and “Nigga.” Just because 50 Cent doesn’t know how to talk and Eminem talks like he was raised by a pack of black wolves, doesn’t mean you have to talk like that. Every time I hear things like that I feel like I should be giving away dictionaries, though I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these people lack the ability for basic reading skills.

I think the reason why RAP music is now dying out is that the teens who, in the 90’s and early 2000 years, are now growing up and starting families of their own. Listening to RAP while you’re joy-riding is more fun than listening to it when you’re picking your kids up from school. Soft Rock, Metal, and even Country music are now on the popularity list again.

Another reason for RAP’s decline is that America was swarmed with a new Rapper every week. It gets old listening to music that’s always in your face and on the TV. It’s like the stock market, if one stock goes too high, it becomes trash do to it being too common.  But don’t get too excited, RAP will have a comeback when there is a huge teenage population again. It is, however, the ultimate rebellious music scene ever, even more so than Punk and Metal music.


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