Selling On eBay

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Many of us have accumulated items that just take up space in our attics,garages or basements. Maybe you have recently lost an older member of your family and you need to get rid of some of their collectables. Sometimes the way to do it is to sell it on eBay. Selling items on eBay can be fun but it is also work. Here are some tips for getting started.

1- Sign up for a user id. This is relatively easy to do. You do not need to do the financial part, signing up for PayPal, until you decide that you are going to go ahead and start selling. Getting the user id is needed to explore completed listings.

2- Make a list of some of the items that you are thinking about selling. Try to seperate them into catagories to make it easier when looking for similar items for sale.

3- On eBay, sellers have the option of selling items auction style or as buy it now items. I could easily make this article much longer explaining the pros and cons of both selling options but it varies depending on the kind of item you are offering for sale.

4- Sellers pay fees based on how much the item lists for and sells for. There is a section that explains this entire process and you need to keep in mind that this is subtracted from how much you sell the item for.

5- Search the different catagories for similar items to the ones you are considering selling. Notice how many are listed for sale, how much the seller is asking and what condition the item is in. If after doing this you still feel your item is worthy and can compete, check the completed listings for the item. This will give you an idea of how much the item actually sold for, if it did sell and also will give you some tips on how two alike items can be listed differently.

6- Photos matter and description matters. Be as honest as possible with whatever you sell. If someone buys an item from you, receives it and is disappointed in the quality, they will leave you a negative review. Sometimes they may even want their money back. Make your item attractive to buyers by making sure you describe it exactly and provide quality pictures of it.

7- To learn how to be successful on eBay, look at the completed listings and compare the items that sold compared to the same items that didn’t sell. You can learn a lot this way. Also, think of yourself as a buyer. What would make you buy an item?

Selling items on eBay can be a great way to clean out an attic. It is a fun hobby to have in your spare time.


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