Dealing With a Job You Hate

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Going to work when you hate your job is a horrible feeling. You would like to just quit but you need the paycheck. What are your options when you dread going to work?

1- Think about what it is that makes you hate your job so much. Is there any possible way of fixing what is causing you to be so miserable?

2- Many times you can be hired to do one job and a few months later find that your workload has increased or your original job description has totally changed. Decide if your true issue is about not being paid enough for the extra workload or finding yourself doing work you didn’t agree upon when hired.

3- Once you have determined what you are going to need to fix the situation, go and speak to your supervisor. Decide beforehand what kind of compromises will be acceptable to you. In these tough economic times, getting a raise may not be possible and often employers expect employees to do the job of two workers. Be tactful when you go to speak to your boss. Remember that there are a lot of people lined up looking for work. Be ready to sell yourself to your boss on why they should consider your demands.

4- If you have a meeting with your supervisor and enough of your demands cannot be met, the only thing left to do is to suck it up, bide your time and start seriously looking for other employment. Do not end this job badly, try to remain professional while you seek out other opportunities.

5- Although the job market is not great currently, there are opportunities for people who can be flexible. Perhaps it is time to look into changing job fields. Maybe going back to school part time is an option.


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