Preparing for Winter Snow

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Depending on what part of the country you live in, you know what to expect from the winter. In some areas it begins to snow early and the snow remains until spring thaw. Being prepared for snowstorms can save you aggravation and make the event a little more enjoyable.

1- If you live in snow prone areas, learn to pay attention to the weather forecast. Although weather forecasters can be wrong, it is safer to prepare ahead of time rather than scrambling to get what you need at the last minute.

2- As winter begins, check out your survival equipment. Now is the time to purchase snow shovels, salt or a snow blower. Waiting until the storm begins is the wrong time to go out and purchase these items. Also make sure that you have a good pair of boots, gloves and other outdoor wear. Chances are someone in your home will have to go outside to clear the ice and snow.

3- Stock your pantry. Especially if you have babies or other with special needs. It doesn’t hurt to have extra diapers on hand or an emergency stock of food items. Having a supply of canned goods to fall back on when you are unable to get out to the supermarket is always a smart idea. Using powdered milk is better than not having any milk to give your children.

4- Do not forget about your prescription medications. Mark on your calendar when you are due to refill your prescriptions. If a storm is coming, check your supply of medications. In some areas a snowstorm can keep you from being able to get out and pick up refills. Check to see if your pharmacy would deliver if you were unable to get out of your home. This is especially important for people who need a daily medication.

5- If you rely on oil to heat your home or wood for a fireplace, make sure that you have an ample supply. Once again, do not procrastinate. Prepare for the worst and you will be ready for whatever winter brings.


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