Getting your Kids to Exercise

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According to the CDC, a child who is obese before age 8 is more likely to grow into an obese adult. Our children are growing up in a society that is overweight and out of shape due to poor eating habits, overeating and lack of regular exercise. Exercise prevents obesity by keeping you active and healthy. How to get your kids off the couch and moving when you work long hours and come home exhausted? It isn’t always easy, but your childrens future health is dependant upon you teaching them how.

1- If you child participates in organized sports, they can still be overweight. An hour or two a week of practice and a formal game for a season is not enough to keep them fit. It is a good start but what more can you do? Outside of their practice with their team, set up regular times for you to practice with them. Kicking a soccer ball back and forth or taking turns pitching and hitting balls with your child is a great way to not only encourage them in their sport but also keeps them doing regular exercise.

2- If you child is not a “team” kind of person, involve them in regular exercise by doing it together. Regular bowling, ice skating or roller skating as a family will show your child that exercise is fun.

3- Look around for parent/child programs. Many community centers, gyms, dance or karate schools have programs for parents and their child to do together. Not only will it encourage some healthy competition between you and your child but it will show them that you practice what you preach.

4- When weather permits, go on family bike rides together. Biking is a great workout and it can be fun to do.

 Kids learn what they live and if they grow up with parents who exercise regularly, they will be more motivated to make it part of their lives also.

For more information on childhood obesity, check out this website.


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