Surviving Being Single

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The first few years after high school are busy with socializing. All of a sudden, around the age of 25, many people get into relationships and start to get married and sometimes have children. If you find that you are still single and unattached, you may find that outside of work or furthering your education, you are spending many nights alone. Even party girls and boys start to settle down eventually. How to you cope with the single life and be happy?

1- Decide what you want from your life. If you are not content with all the alone time you seem to be having, you need to find ways to be part of the world.

2- Loneliness can lead to depression and also to self-destructive behavior. If you are closing in on being 30 and still clubbing on friday nights, you need to examine your behavior. How much longer can you continue acting like you are just out of college?

3- Build on your hobbies or interests. Take a night class. Join an organization that allows you to volunteer in your spare time. Associating with people who have similar interests can open up a new circle of friends and give your life a purpose.

4- If you feel like all you do is work to pay your bills, you definitely need to find some meaning in your life. People who have no interests outside of work except for partying are going nowhere fast. If you do not have a significant other in your life this can make your existance even lonelier.

5- Resist the urge to just to trying to find your “soulmate”. Work on yourself first. Develop who you are by making your life full and you may be surprised at what can happen next. Many people find the love of their lives when they are not looking.

6- If you have unresolved issues from past relationships now is the time to work through them. Go to therapy, either group or one on one can make a big difference in your growth as a person.

Final tip- Just because your friends are all getting married and having children doesn’t mean that you are ready for the same kind of life. Sometimes finding your place in the world takes some effort and if you are patient and have a goal in sight, everything will fall into place.


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