Ways to Become a More Productive Writer

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For some people, writing is not only a passion but a means of income. There are keys to being a successful and productive writer that when followed, can help you to avoid burnout and produce better work.

Tip #1- Always keep a small notebook with you at all times because as writers know, you never know when inspiration is going to strike.

Tip#2- Read about how other writers got started in the business and determine what your goals are as a writer. Once your have chosen a goal, set forth a plan on how to achieve it. You can learn from what other writers have done and possibly find yourself a mentor. Join a group for writers where everyone shares ideas and their successes and failures.

Tip#3- Be realistic in your writing goals. If you only write for money, it can become like any other job that you do for the paycheck only. Try to also spend time writing for the passion of it.

Tip#4- Sometimes writing cannot be a 9 to 5 pursuit. Often inspiration comes at odd hours. Even though that is true, set aside uninterrupted time that you can focus on writing. Editing and fact-checking is a part of creating a good article and should be included in the time you set aside.

Tip#5- Have a daily goal for how much and what you are going to work on. Remember if you write on the Internet, time should also be spent on promoting your work and developing contacts.

Tip#6- If you become burned out, take a break. Obviously you need a break and possibly you are treating yourself like a writing machine. As Tip#3 states – Be realistic in your goals. We all have days where the words flow and other days where it feels like English is a second language. Learn to go with the flow and take time off when you need to to recharge yourself.


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