How to Apply Mineral Makeup

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Gone are heavy foundations! Mineral makeup is the new way of getting an even tone to your skin without feeling “made up”. There are many different mineral makeups on the market and you can find them in any price range. No matter what brand you choose, there is a correct way to apply it in order to get the most out of wearing mineral makeup.

1- Use mineral makeup on a clean, dry face.

2- Some mineral makeup comes in kits that include shades for contouring and bronzing. If you purchase just one mineral makeup, I would suggest also getting a slightly darker shade for highlighting. Make sure to match the makeup to your skin tone.

3- Moisturize your face before applying mineral makeup. Even though mineral makeup is lightly dusted on, if you have dry areas on your face, the makeup will not adhere correctly. The same can be said for oily skin. Make sure your face is dry from the moisturizer before you begin.

4- To start applying the makeup, choose an area that is well-lit and similar to where the lighting will be like where you are going. I recommend doing your mineral makeup application before your eyes and lips.

5- Lightly put the brush into the powder and tap it in the lid of the jar in order to get off the excess. It will appear as if there is hardly any powder on the brush but you need to apply this minimally.

6- Using a circular pattern, swoosh the brush around separating your face into small sections. We are using the shade that matches your skin tone. You may need to dip the brush again but remember to tap the brush to remove excess.

7- You will be able to see a difference in your skin tone. It should be evened out.

8- Use the darker shade to highlight cheekbones. Again make sure not to use too much mineral makeup. A little bit goes a long way.

9- Finally, observe your skin in the mirror and turn your head from side to side to check the evenness of the application. Touch up where you feel necessary.

10- Some mineral makeup kits include a finishing powder to dust and seal the makeup when you are done. If you have this lightly apply it.

Continue to apply your eye makeup and lipstick. Your look is complete. Mineral makeup can last the whole day. Make sure to properly cleanse your face at night before bed. Mineral makeup does not clog pores the way that foundation does. Cleansing your skin is still important.


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