Organize a Fun Adult Scavenger Hunt Road Rally

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When you were a kid you loved scavenger hunts, trying to be the first team back with all the items on the list…now you can do the same thing with your friends or a group that uses cars. Everyone must wear seat belts and obey all traffic laws, but following the list of instructions can be a real hoot. I’ll give you a list of ideas I used years ago.

What You’ll Need:

  • Automobiles (4 adults per car)
  • Responsible adults that want to have fun
  • meeting point
  • ending point
  • digital camera for each car load to document the fun and prove stuff was done
  • prize(s) for winning car/team

Step 1

Everyone meets at a predetermined spot to start the road rally at a certain time. A list of things to do is given out. (You should have someone drive the Road Rally first in order to see about how long it would take to do.) Use the same ideas on each list but change up the lists for each car…so you can start the teams at different spots on the list so that everyone doesn’t end up in all the places at the same time. THis is better for the places giving out the items, etc. Also, have an ending time in case one team ends up way behind by trains or other unforseen things, so that all can enjoy the rest of the evening (like eating, awards, etc.) Each task can be worth points too, if you wish…You may want to call ahead to some places as a warning your group is coming…

Step 2

Ideas to build on for the Road Rally in your town are best coming from you, obviously. Here’s the ones I came up with years ago for one we did:

1. Make a human pyramid in front of the fountain at the Mall. Ask someone to take a picture for you.

2. Go to a fast food restaurant and buy a cheeseburger and ask to have it cut in as many pieces as there are members in your group. Pay for it with a debit card, keep reciept and wrapper. Ask and Take a picture of the person who sold you the burger with someone from your group.

3. Sing “Itsy Bitsy spider” with motions as a group in front of the Civic Plaza downtown in front of the clock. Ask someone to take your picture.

4. Find a phone booth. See how many of your team can fit into the phone booth. Have someone take your picture.

5. Everyone must Beg for a quarter from a stranger in a public place on your knees with hands folded. Ask the person to take your picture in that position.

6. Take the money you just got and put it into a charity fund at a place of business. Ask a worker to take your picture by the charity fund.

7. Stage a loud group argument in a grocery store parking lot by the carts bay for 15 seconds about where you want to eat. Ask someone to take your group picture by the grocery carts.

8. Go to someone’s house that you know and ask for a plastic grocery sack, an empty toilet paper roll, and a toothpick.

9. Go to the house of a co-worker and ring the doorbell and sing a Christmas Carol. Get a picture of the co-worker with your team by his/her front door.

10. Go to a fancy Department Store and act like mannequins until someone notices you. Get a picture in the store.

11. Go to the home of a family member and get a coat hanger, a Q-Tip, and an uncooked macaroni noodle. Take a picture of them with your group.

12. Do a Chinese firedrill at a stop sign. Take a picture of the stop sign. Be careful!

13. Go to a motel or hotel and talk the manager into letting you get a group photo by room number 222.

14. Go to one of your friend’s homes and run around it whooping like birds and then go to the door and say, Trick or treat. Get a piece of candy. Get a picture of the person with your group.

15. Go to the home of another friend and ask for a used red crayon, a baby food jar, a paper napkin with a design on it and an empty can.

16. Go to the slide of the nearest playground and get of picture of each team member going down it.

17. Go to a convenience store like 7/11 and have everyone walk in backwards up and down the aisles. stop at register, buy a candy bar and walk out backwards. Wave goodbye at the clerk. Save wrapper and reciept. Take a picture of the 7/11 door.

18. Go to a Full-Serve gas station and have the attendant put in no more than $1.00 worth of gas and to please clean the windshield. Give him a $1.00 tip. Pay by debit card. Save reciept. Get a pic of attendant cleaning your windsheild.

19. Go to another grocery store and have everyone buy 10 grapes. Put them in a bag. Have them weighed at register and pay for them. Save reciept and grapes.

20. Everyone pick a pretty flower. Go to the Hospital Information Desk. Have a guy in your group get down on one knee and propose to her as he hands her the bouquet of flowers. Get a picture of it. Have the lady write her answer down on a piece of paper and initial it and put in a sealed envelope if possible.

21. Bonus envelope #1: If there is time for the group to earn extra points before the deadline, they can open this envelope for a bonus thing to do….make up something for them to do in your town. You could have a key in it for them to go to a bus station…or a key to the lock on someone’s shed to retrieve a certain item like a bag of gold chocolate coins…etc.

22. Bonus envelope #2: If there is time for the group to earn extra points before the deadline, they can open this next envelope for a bonus thing to do….make up something for them to do in your town.

Step 3

Once every team is back at the ending spot. Look at all picutres to verify where teams have been and collect items etc. to determine the winner. If you are at a person’s house, have the winning team go first through the food line and give them a prize of some sort having to do with cars or races or maps, etc.

Step 4 Come up with your own ideas and have fun!


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