Throw a Down on the Farm-Themed Hee Haw Couples Shower

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This southern themed party idea came from the friend of a friend in 2001. It could also be a farm theme if you think about it and change it up a bit. I thought it was so clever that I saved the email and now I want to share it on ehow so many people can do this. It seems like a lot of fun. I know some “southern” themed parties can get into redneck stuff, but this seems much classier than that. Have fun and Hee Haw!!!

Step 1

Make Name Tags that have southern names like: Esther Sue, Dolly, Bubba, Jethro, Beau, etc. Have guests choose who they will be for the duration of the party. Have straw hats and bandanas available for guests to wear.

Step 2

For table decorations: Use Burlap tablecloths, red gingham place mats (or visa versa). Use aluminum pie tins for the plates and mason canning jars for iced tea and lemonade. Fold red bandanas in a fancy way and use a clothes pin for a napkin ring to hold napkin’s shape. For table centerpieces: Use chicken wire to make vases and put straw inside it and big sunflowers and corn husks for greenery.

Step 3

For drinks: Serve iced tea and lemonade from small wash tubs. Use a big wash tub for ice.
For food: Serve pork sandwiches and salads and pork rinds for snacks.
For cakes: Make a John Deere Tractor one for the groom and a sunflower one for the bride.

Step 4

For the bride and groom’s table: Use a handmade quilt for the tablecloth.

Step 5

Have bales of hay arranged like a table to put gifts on. Adorn with corn stalks. Have a bucket on its side with apples “falling” out of it. Use straw hats.

Step 6

For more decorations: Use a saw horse with a blanket and saddle on it, a big wash board, and a wagon wheel. Have a scarecrow bride and groom.

Step 7

For entertainment, read a funny southern love poem, have “the Dudd’s” sing…have people chew on wheat stalks while they talk. Have someone wear a pair of overalls with the belly cut out for a skit. Have someone give funny “southern” marital advice. Have someone dressed like Minnie Pearl. Split open two pars of overalls and sew them together—use pillows to make someone look big and fat. Play fun games like bingo and bob for apples. Have a skit.

Step 8

Research and come up with more ideas. Have fun!!!


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