All about a GPS

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Definition of a GPS System

A GPS, otherwise known as a Global Positioning System is a navigational system that allows travel from land, sea, or air to be more understanding. A GPS gives step by step instructions that allow the traveler to reach their final destination. These systems are owned by people of all ages from young adults to elderly.


If you are in an area you do not know well you are able to pick out certain place that you would like to stop such as restaurants, gas stations and stores.

Special Features

Some of the newer units will provide you with real time traffic reports. These reports will make you aware of any slow traffic ahead of you before you reach it.


Depending on which type of GPS is chosen the size of these units will vary. While the units used for hiking and mountain biking are palm sized, many of the air and sea units are larger than both hands put together.


A driver should always use voice activation and be sure not to mute it as looking down at the directions could cause a serious accident.


Being in a large city that you are unfamiliar with the unit can save you a lot of time as you are bound to get lost without one.  Be sure to have yours charged and plugged in, in caseou would ever need help.  This unit has a lot more technology than a regular paper road map.


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