Teenagers die to drugs and alcohol

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1,440 teens die each year from overuse and addiction of drugs and alcohol.  3,000 teens die every year from driving under the influence of drugs of alcohol. That is over 4,000 teen deaths combined that could have been avoided.


You can prevent your child from becoming another sad story in your local newspaper. Communication plays a big role in parent and teen lives. Parents are able to prevent deaths in their teenagers by keeping them drug free.


Identify how many deaths could have been avoided when drugs and alcohol come into play. Make sure your child is well aware of what could have been prevented. Comb through articles with your child and point out various deaths pertaining to this terrible addiction.


If you suspect your child is using drugs or alcohol, talk to him about it. If he becomes defensive during the talk, try to investigate the facts. Consider searching through your child’s backpack or room if you suspect any drug or alcohol play.


Many teens believe that if they try drugs just one time they are able to quit. This is a major misconception that is thought out by teens. Many teens who have witnessed death of friends related to alcohol use want to quit, but they find it almost impossible to do so.


Drugs and alcohol can cause slurred speech, blurred vision, inability to walk straight, slowed reaction, mental confusion, blackouts, memory problems, liver disease and even death. It is important to live your life to the fullest and stay away from drugs and alcohol.


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