Does Violence in Games Lead to a Real Life Violence?

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What have all that things to do with violent games? Mostly it depends on type of person. The person that’s experienced by life, for example an adult, may play such games without consequences. But most affected are children, because their way of understanding the world is still evolving. Their sense of world can be damaged by such games. Children can become irritable, and this can lead to a real life violence. In the beginning, they still show feelings. But after time they lose all of them. They become “cold”. All their feelings are storing in their souls.

The life is built up of small pieces. These pieces are self-confidence, courage, fairness, happiness etc. They are building up to the age of about 18. If child is playing violent games, a good piece can be replaced by the bad one. The bad ones are anger, sadness etc. This continue until they lost all good pieces. Could a child like this one become violent? Some people can press this inside for a long time. But not forever. Years can past without any sing that he/she was playing such games. But deep inside the soul, the emotions boil. They become harder and harder to keep. Some day they erupt. May that result in violence? Maybe, but i think that leads to depression mostly. This can waste their lives. And depression may leads to violence.

On the other hand, such games can affect kid’s skills. For example, FPS can learn you quick reflexes, that can save your life when your driving. You train your hands etc. But there’s still more bad sides of it.

We have to protect children, before it’s too late. That’s why age rating exists. But violent games are not the only problem. We must protect kids from any kind of sexual content and violent movies. When we open a TV we can find all kinds of good stuff. But it’s a lot of bad things too. Just imagine, that unexperienced children are watching bad things. If nobody learns them how to live good and honest, they’ll repeat after movies.

Parents have the power in their hands. Just don’t ignore it.

Think about it!


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