Working Toward Pretty Hair

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Maintaining beautiful hair takes lots of effort. There are things you need to do daily, weekly and even monthly to keep it looking its best. The good news is that even damaged hair can be repaired and refinished to look as good as someone with healthy hair. There are tips to follow to achieve the best hair you can have.

The first step is to schedule a hair appointment every six weeks. Even when someone is growing out their hair, it is important to keep it trimmed. This is because normal wear and tear on it can leave it damaged with split ends. Things like pollution, cheap products, harsh weather conditions and hair ties can cause damage to the follicles. Keeping your hair cut will ensure that the damage is taken care of right away to prevent more long term issues.

Visit the spa every few months. The spa is a great place to get a mask put on your hair. They can look at it and recommend one that suits your particular needs. The mask can do things like, restore shine, and penetrate vitamins deep within the follicle. Your hair will feel satiny soft for a few days following a mask.

If going to the spa is a bit too pricey, you can always try a hair mask from the cosmetics department in a drugstore. The masks will still give you a nice soft feeling and help to restore your hair`s natural oils.

Natural home remedies can also be used to make masks. Things like banana spread, beer and raw eggs are supposed to offer a natural remedy to better hair. It is advised however to use these ingredients one at a time and stay close to a bathroom tub for quick and easy clean up.

Another excellent tip is to wash it every other day. The hair needs to maintain some of the oils in it. So washing it every day can steal the oil and leave it looking dull. When you wash it every other day try to wash it twice in a row. The first time you are removing care products while the second time you are actually cleaning it.

Keep care products to a minimum. When you are putting products on your hair be sure not to use too many. So instead of using moose, gel and hair spray, just pick one. Find one that works the best and just use that. Also serums work great for adding shine and sparkle.

When your hair is wet try to brush it with a comb. Using a harsh brush on it will pull on your hair and damage it. Instead use a comb to carefully pull it through. With a good conditioner, it should not be a problem to comb it through. Let it air dry for half an hour before blow drying. That way less damage is done through the hairdryer.

Following a care routine will soon fit well into your lifestyle. Once you learn the tips and find products and systems that work for you, you will find that your hair glows with happiness.

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