"Y" and "W" Vehicles Location Guide for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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The Yankee is a great big delivery truck in San Andreas.
Speed and handling: Slow. Handles awkwardly. And flips over with ease, thus eventually exploding. You really don’t want to be driving one of these if the cops are after you
Locations:The Yankee is pretty common around industrial areas and docks, especially near the Easter Basin Docks in San Fierro, the LVA Freight Depot in Las Venturas and the southeastern portions of Los Santos.


This is basically a GMC Sierra from the 1990s, a full-size pick-up truck with double back tires.
Speed and handling: Acceleration is a bit lacking, but eventually you can get going pretty well in a Yosemite. The handling is fair, but the truck is big enough that it’s difficult to make tight turns. Seems able to take a fair amount of damage. Despite this being a sizable truck, it doesn’t really seem any better off-road than on-road to me.
Locations:The Yosemite can pop up just about anywhere, in cities or countryside, but I tend to see it more commonly in LasVenturas and rarely in Los Santos.


The Walton is the San Andreas version of an old 1950s Chevrolet pickup truck.
Speed and handling: This is a slow truck. It starts slow and it stays slow. It’s steering is fair, but that’s mostly because you will not be going very fast, any way. It can take some damage, at least a little more than the average car in this game.
Locations:You can find the Walton most commonly in the countryside, and quite often on the roads in the desert regions. If you are out in the nowhere lands of Back O’ Beyond, there is usually a Walton parked by a wooden bridge. There often is also a Walton parked behind the Angel Pine Sawmill, and you can usually find one parked around any farms.


This car looks something like a Lincoln.
Speed and handling: The Washington is not a fast car, but it makes up somewhat for that in the fact it is heavy enough and strong enough and durable enough to knock other cars out of its way. The steering here is mediocre, probably mainly due to the length of this vehicle making it somewhat difficult to make sharp corners.
Locations:There is almost always a Washington parked in TierraRobada at Mike Toreno’s ranch. Otherwise, you can sometimes find a Washington cruising along in any of the cities. It seems a bit more common in San Fierro than in Los Santos or LasVenturas.


This motorcycle is basically a Honda Goldwing.
Speed and handling: It is hard to do stunts with a Wayfarer because it is a slow motorcycle, but this is still a good bike, especially for those with a low motorcycle skill. Why? Because it handles better than any other motorcycle in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
Locations: The Wayfarer is pretty common on the roads and highways in the desert and countryside, and sometimes is parked at restaurants and truck stops outside the cities.


The Windsor looks something like a Jaguar from the 1960s.
Speed and handling: This is a fast vehicle, and has great acceleration. But it tends to fishtail around those tight curves. Also, being an older car, even if it is a sports car, it’s a bit heavy. Which means it can take a fair amount of damage before catching fire.
Locations:I’ve seen the Windsor most commonly throughout LasVenturas, but I’ve also seen it a few times in Los Santos and San Fierro, but not necessarily in any particular places.

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