How you choose the best chocolates for Valentine’s Day?

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you are probably looking to surprise the one you care about with a gift that represents romance and love. You don’t need to spend big bucks to show you care. A little attention and thoughtfulness often says more than an elaborate gift if you show how much you love her.

A nice gift to consider is candy, and chocolate is the perfect gift for almost everyone. Chocolate has long been associated with romance dating back to the time of the Aztecs. A box of chocolate represents gratitude, prosperity, good luck or a sign of love. If you give your sweetheart chocolate on Valentine’s Day it clearly says “I love you”.

There is a large variety of different kinds of chocolate on the market and the secret is to select the best kind of chocolate which fits your lover’s taste. If you choose a style of chocolate that will tantalize their taste buds, this is usually a winning choice. As you search for chocolates you will see that there are distinct differences in packaging, taste and price.


The presentation of your chocolate box will add a certain value and chocolates in shapes of Valentine’s Day symbols is a good choice. It is often not the kind of chocolate which determines the best Valentine’s Day chocolate gift but the presentation of your box.

A box of chocolate with a single rose and a love poem will be better than a box of truffles without any romantic theme, even if your love is addicted to the kind of chocolate you’ve chosen.

A unique idea is to include a CD with romantic music in your box and you can enjoy a romantic evening together and eat the chocolate when you listen to the music. When you pay attention to the packaging of your gift, the thoughtfulness and care in the details will shine through.


A nice idea is create a chocolate box with a mix of different kinds of chocolate. Most everyone enjoys a variety of tastes and you easily create a box with different tastes and perhaps even put your lover in the right romantic mood.

Milk and dark chocolate are often the most popular choices, but quality depends on the amount of cacao butter used in the creation of the chocolate. Some countries, for example Belgium and Switzerland, have strong fabrication rules and the Belgian one is considered as the one with the best quality and makes the perfect Valentine’s Day chocolate.

Truffles are another variety of popular chocolate and suitable for a Valentine’s Day gift. There are differences between the chocolates originated in different countries. The American truffles are a mixture of dark and milk chocolate with butterfat and sometimes hardened coconut oil; the European ones are made with syrup and contain cocoa powder, milk powder and some fats.

Nowadays there are so many different kinds of chocolate that you can easily compose a Valentine’s Day chocolate box with a large variety of tastes. If you mix a variety of chocolates filled with nuts, fruit, marzipan, liquor, vanilla, caramel it is almost impossible that you will find no taste which fits your lover doesn’t like.

A box with a variety of all these tastes will increase the risk of getting a chocolate addiction and there are some that say these people are known as the best lovers. It is worthwhile to consider chocolate as a gift because everyone wants to give lifetime love.


As you shop for chocolate you will find that chocolates range in price and some brands are real expensive and their taste isn’t any better than some inexpensive chocolates. Leonidas, Whitman, Russell Stover, Dove and Neuhaus are some popular brands with a delicious taste and they have a wide range of different kinds of chocolates for every budget.

The quality of these brands can be compared with the chocolate brands of Knipschildt, Delafee chocolate and Nokee chocolate which are too expensive for the average chocolate consumer. Some of these expensive expensive boxes cost even more than $2,000 for a Valentine’s Day box and often the presentation of the box makes these chocolate gifts so expensive. They are created with gold and you love doesn’t expect such an expensive gift.

It may be possible that your love doesn’t like chocolate or needs to limit to eat this delicious sweet; you can still buy another gift and use the chocolate for fun. You can buy a Valentine’s gift box with your love’s favorite DVD’s, CD’s, books or even gift certificates and decorate the box with heart shaped chocolates.

However you decide to present your gift, you can’t go wrong with chocolate. It is a matter of creativity, and the time you spend choosing your Valentine’s Day will make your significant other always happy. Showing your love is the key for a successful Valentine’s Day and chocolate will help you to do this.


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