How you celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and many people tend to believe it is time of spending much money. Every lover will celebrate this popular holiday and to many people, this day needs to be an unforgettable day and they believe saving money all year for this “unique day” is a necessity.

The words “I love you” and a little attention means much more than a golden diamond. Valentine’s Day is for as well poor as rich people and none of both needs to spend much money to make this day a romantic and memorable moment in your life. People often think the more they spend the more they show love. It is wrong to believe that; you don’t need spending big bucks for expressing your love to your significant other and even a romantic kiss can do miracles.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is more romantic if you spend some time with your significant other and enjoy together some little things in life and with a little bit creativity you can find some easy ways to surprise him/her with something unexpected.

Here are some ideas which may help you to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget:

1. A romantic walk in the park

Can you imagine something more romantic than a walk in a park with the one you love? Probably not and often it doesn’t cost anything at all. There are many parks where you can walk with your love without paying entrance and can be done no matter which the weather circumstances are.

You may prefer to walk with plenty of sunshine but Valentine’s Day is the 14th of February and you will likely have more chance of cold and brisk weather if you don’t live in tropical countries. Every couple in love and even married couples will even enjoy walking in cold temperatures and enjoy the love they can share with each other.

Taking your love in your arms will create a warm feeling of your embrace and can even be more relaxing than during the summer months. Even raindrops falling on their heads will create a romantic atmosphere when they listen together to the “drip drip” sound of these rain drops.

2. Breakfast on bed

Nobody can start the day better than with a breakfast on bed. If you want to surprise your love with a unique surprise which doesn’t cost much money, you can set your alarm soon enough to be sure you are up before your love. At the moment you hear the alarm ringing, you need to run to the kitchen and prepare her favorite meal. Croissants, pancakes, jam, bacon, eggs, ham or anything else she likes are often good ideas and can be served with a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee or tea.

3. A single rose

Flowers are women’s best friend but you don’t need to buy an expensive flower bouquet to please her. Even one single rose will make her happy and maybe you will make her happier with another flower because most women get roses on Valentine’s Day. A single white stem orchid is often a good idea or you can consider potted plants which live longer and will remind your love for several years.

4. A movie in theatre or renting a DVD

If you like to watch a movie you can spend an evening in theatre to enjoy a romantic movie which you both like. Maybe you don’t want to spend time outside and just enjoy a movie at home. You can organize a romantic evening and rent a DVD of your favorite movie. It is maybe preferable to buy some sweets, for example chocolate, candies or other sweets which you can eat if you drink a glass of wine and watch together the DVD at home. Maybe you enjoy cuddling up when you together enjoy the movie and making this evening to a highlight of your Valentine’s Day.

5. Electronic gadgets

There are plenty of electronic gadgets which can create romance on Valentine’s Day. A romantic e-card with Valentine’s Day wishes is maybe the most popular one but you can also send an email with a slideshow of romantic pictures. It is even possible to send a romantic ringtone to the mobile phone of the one you love or to compose a CD with romantic songs.

Valentine’s Day in an unforgettable day for lovers and can be celebrated with a tight budget. The love from the depth of your heart expresses the love you feel for each other. A romantic kiss and the words “I love you” are often more important than buying a diamond ring or some other jewels. You can’t buy love and creative ideas will make Valentine’s Day to a success. Pen words from your hearth can create a romantic miracle.


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