What is paid to review program

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Some blogger choose paid to review program because it gives fast money. In three months, we can get $ 20 – $ 100 per blog depend on your blog page rank or blog popularity.  If you have a six pagerank blog, some website dares to pay $ 100 for a review. What fast money! If you have just a three pagerank blog, you just get money around $ 10.

The website which provide paid to review program such as blogvertise.com, smorty.com, sponsoredreview.com, reviewme.com, etc. Each website has different payment and requirement. In my opinion, Blogvertise is the easiest paid to review program. The website accepts self blog or free hosted blog.

If you want participate at this program, you should have minimum three pagerank blog. The website will review your blog and approve your blog soon. The website will order you to make a review that contains at least 70 words depending on the website. You should link to the blog or website. They usually ask three links to blog or website sponsor. Some website allows you to make a campaign negative to the sponsor. The content of review must be English content. The website does not require our review is perfect.

The website will pay you one week or one month posting the review through paypal. The website will pay you even your review just $ 2. That is why some blogger like it because the blogger can get fast money. In my country, paid to review program makes a new opportunity for the online writer. They offer the review for one or two bucks.


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