Political Revolution – It can’t happen

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Political Revolution?


     A change in the politicians and politics that are currently occurring  at the seat of our government can’t happen unless some drastic changes are made  in our system . Changes for which I can’t remember ever being brought to our attention or even mentioned before.

     I was always at arms length when it came to politics and I have been for most of my life, that is until now. The political situation and  its effects on us and our country are such that you can no longer bury your head in the sand. In the past I always thought that I couldn’t do much about it except vote, so sometimes I voted and sometimes I didn’t, but I voted only when the lesser of the two evils were better than other evils of the past.  I’ve always been told that that I have the right to vote and by voting I could help change the makeup of our senate or House by voting others in or out. Well there’s the rub. The more I thought about it the more I realized that when I vote I can pick one of somebody else’s choices, I never really had a choice of my own. Yes! We have primary elections and General elections but by the time we get to the voting booth the choices of who is going to represent us have already been made we just have the opportunity to pick one or the other of somebody else’s choices. The choices we have been given in the voting booth have been chosen already, by the financially influential or the politically influential. There are a lot of people in this country that  know what Americas ideology is and have the intellectual ability to run our government accordingly. So, why don’t they? I have to be careful this doesn’t end up to be a book on the subject. They don’t have the powers that be, behind them , pushing them, financially supporting them and they know that, so they don’t  even make an attempt to run for a political office.

     What can be done about it? Well I’m certainly no expert in this area but one of the first things I would suggest is that we set up a system so that the people can in a national pre-primary vote enter the names of the people they would want to run for office and then starting from the top of the list based on the number of votes received by each individual , regardless of the persons political affiliation, approach those selected to determine if they’re willing to serve their country by running for office. Before that can happen it has to be established that anyone running for office is allowed or receives a limited amount of money he can use to promote his campaign, and the media would be limited as to how much exposure each candidate will get.I could go on, but you get the idea.

     I’m sure there are a lot of loopholes and probably impossibilities, but it’s the idea I’m promoting, someone better than  I would have to consider the whole and work out the details. I just think that we should all have a real choice in who we elect to office and not just the ability to pick somebody else’s  choice.

Paul L. Viverito     http://lindasfloridaphotos.com


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