How to Install Cork Floor Tiles

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Cork tiles are easy to install. You can save yourself money by doing the installation yourself without having to hire professional installers. All it takes is a bit or preparatory work and patience. It is not a job that you can rush in order to have the perfect floor in any room of your home.

The important part of installing cork tiles is to make sure that the underfloor is level and clean. These tiles can be installed over concrete as long as you make sure to fill in any gaps and holes in the floor and to sweep up all dust and dirt. Installing them over wood is a breeze but you must make sure that you sweep and vacuum the floor first and then go over it with a damp mop to remove all possible dust and debris that remain.

Start by measuring ¼ inch from the wall in the room – on both sides. Mark this space with a line and use a ruler and tape measure to ensure that the line is straight. Remove all door facings that come down to the floor so that you can insert the tiles to this measurement from the wall.

Apply the adhesive for the cork tiles to the floor in small batches. Once the back of the each tile comes in contact with this adhesive it will bond and stay in place, but not so much that you can’t take it up right away if you don’t have it laid in the perfect position. You can use a roller to apply the adhesive to the floor, but use a brush to apply it around doorways and along the wall. Some of these tiles already have the adhesive applied to the back so that you can eliminate this chore altogether. Once you apply the adhesive, allow it to dry for about an hour or two.

Start installing the cork tiles on one side of the room. Make sure you brush off the back of the tile in order to remove any dust or debris from this side and avoid having a bump in the tile once you lay it in place. Work one row of tiles at a time starting along the wall, making sure that you leave the ¼ inch space from the wall. If you have to cut a tile at the end of a row, you can use this to start the next row if you want to have a staggered look to the floor pattern.

Place the factory cut edges of the tiles together when you install them. Make sure you press each tile tightly together with the previously laid one and press each one firmly into place with the weight of your hands.

After you have all the tiles in place, carefully inspect the tiles to make sure that all are even and that there are no edges of the cork poking upwards. The next step is to use a roller and roll over all the tiles to make sure that all the joins are flat and that the tiles are secure. Once you are satisfied with your job, you can then apply the sealant.


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