Maximize The Use Of Your Colored Contact Lenses

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If you’re browsing through catalogues in search of a pair of colored contact lenses, don’t get the impression that your eyes will achieve the same look as the model in the picture. The models are just representations of the color and not the exact replica of what it can achieve. Natural eye colors differ from person to person and colored contact lenses likewise come in different hues.   

Once you have been properly prescribed with the right fit for your colored contact lenses whether to correct your vision or simply for your eye enhancement, you will also have to decide on other things aside from color. You may want to choose between the disposable types, the daily wear or the extended wear versions. This will all depend on the kind of lifestyle you live.

Extended wears are suitable for those who are always on the go and can only spend a few hours to attend to the matter of cleaning their contact lenses properly. Of course they may also come as more expensive; hence, if your budget has a limit, you may have to choose which has more bearing, your time or your budget. Colored contact lenses for daily wear are of course cheaper but will prove to be more expensive in the long run because of the cleaning solutions and preparations you will consume for daily maintenance.

You may find disposable colored contact lenses as not at all practical. The money you will spend for them in a year will amount to more that what you will pay for, if you settled on a more permanent type of contact lens. Although with the disposable type, you can change colors as often as you want.  

Those with natural dark eyes like black or dark brown didn’t find it possible before to achieve a lighter eye color in the blue, gray and green tints. However, the continued innovation in colored contact lenses has made this possible. These types of colored contact lenses come as opaque materials which will block the natural dark eye pigment. The surface of the lenses will emerge more dominant and they are now possible in hues of deep sea blue as well as aquatic and sea green colors.

There are colored contact lenses known as dimension colors, which make its distinction for its function of just adding dimension or adding more tint to light colored eyes. The most popular eye colors are the different tints of blue, while fast becoming a new favorite is the sterling gray.

Now if you’re in search of novelty colored contact lenses to complete your Halloween getup, you can have a wide assortment of special effects contact lenses to create the desired effect you have in mind. You can have them in black, white, red, cat eyes, vampire or those with glow in the dark effects.    

Never disregard the eye care tips and instructions in caring for your colored contact lenses. Observing proper hygiene is the first step to proper eye care because it is important that your hands, face and eyes are always clean before putting them on. Never reuse your storage solutions because they already contain the particles that have been removed from the colored contact lenses during the soaking process. Always make it a point to clean the storage case for your colored contact lenses and make it a point to replace them in case they show signs of stubborn dirt and grimes.

Getting yourself a whole new look with colored contact lenses can be fun because it will elicit different kinds of reactions. However, in case you experience any signs of blurring vision or discomfort with the use of these eye color enhancements, take them off right away and consult your doctor. There’s nothing like your natural eyes to give you your natural beauty and vision.       

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