Ways To Assist You Protect Your Color Contact Lenses

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The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul, yet some people would prefer to camouflage these windows with color contact lenses. Changing the hues of your eyes is made possible through the use of these polymer materials, which were originally meant as a more convenient way for visual correction.

The advent of color contact lenses was a double treat for the myopic. It afforded them not only the freedom from the cumbersome spectacles that took years away from their real age but it also meant an opportunity to enhance their eye colors. Later on, the use of color contact lenses became popular even to those who had no corrective need for them.

These contact lenses are really comfortable and not at all painful as others tend to think. However, the issue about the safety of color contact lenses had to satisfy some requirements before you can totally declare it as such, Checkout the following:

1. Make sure your brand of color contact lenses are FDA approved. You may not be aware that they also have to pass Food and Drug Administration scrutiny before they should be sold for public consumption.

2. If you’re from the U.S., the FDA requires color contact lens retailers to require a valid prescription issues by an eye care specialists before selling them. This requirement is true even for buyers of non-corrective color contact lenses. In fact, even online retailers are required to validate a prescription before making an actual shipment. However, in Canada, this item is considered as a cosmetic product hence, they can be sold without any prescription.

3. Your eye care professional should recommend an interval for your prescription refills.

4. Your contact lenses should be professionally fitted by a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist.

5. Proper handling, cleaning and applying of contact lenses should be observed to protect the eyes from any possible contamination. Cleaning means through the use of specially made solutions while handling and applying should be made with clean hands.     

6. Never allow anyone to wear your color contact lenses even for try-out purposes. You are cautioned to be wary of bacterial transfers that can pave the way for eye infection.   

7. If you’re about to apply eye make-up, you should make it a point to wear your contact lenses first. In the same manner, it would be best if you took them off first before removing your eye makeup.  

8. Tap water should not be used in cleaning your contact lenses.

These requirements are intended to keep your eyes protected and your color contact lenses well-preserved. They are soft, small, transparent and thin; hence, they can easily get damaged or lost.

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