Enjoy Your Spring Break at Great Places

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College spring break commences from February up to the middle of April, with March as the month with the most activities. These spring breaks are both a boon and a bane to some resorts and vacation spots. Vacationing college students are good for the business because they often trek in numbers and keep the places quite alive with activity. However, college spring break can also bring a lot of setbacks for them because these students can be rowdy and wild, often causing nuisance to other vacationers whose idea of relaxation means peace and quiet.    

Vacation spots and resorts particularly for the Bahamas and Cancun areas are sometimes stricken off the list by honeymooners or travelers from Europe and Australia during college spring break. They are quite disturbed by the drinking sprees getting out of hand with some college students running wild and naked in plain sight of most vacationers around them. In fact, some groups of college students also try to avoid being in the same area with the others just to avoid conflict and trouble.  

Package tour and travel agents however are quick to defend that in places like Cancun, not all resorts or hotels play host to these college spring break revelers. There are 150 hotels existing in Cancun, Mexico and only five are said to be frequented by the students. As for the notorious beach parties with wild and drunken spring break vacationers, only the Oasis Cancun allows such wild activities to take place.      

Another top favorite college spring break hotspot is Acapulco because of its easy night life. Students jam-pack the Devil at the Palladium Nightclub with all-night dancing and revelries. However, not to give the impression that the only thing these students look for is nightlife, the students are also habitués of the Quebrada, a place for thrill seekers who plunge fearlessly from a 130 feet cliff dive to reach 12-foot-deep coves.

Acapulco is the Riviera of Mexico with all its bustling hotels and casinos pulsing with life 24 hours a day, set in the charms of a natural paradise. Its pleasantly warm weather stays from December to April which is the right period when college spring breaks start.    

All-inclusive college spring break packages are available not only in Cancun or Acapulco but in other in places like Barbados, Bahamas, Jamaica, Mazatlan, South Padre and Florida. These places can be reached by boarding cruises offered in all-inclusive package deals especially for students.   

If you want to earn a little extra so you can afford to have one these college spring break vacation tours, you can act as the travel company’s college representative. Entice other college students to spend their college spring break vacations with their spring break package tours. All you have to do is enroll as their representative, promote their package tours and even if you won’t be able to close any deal for a vacation trip, you will still be entitled to a free college spring break trip.

Now if you’re going as a large group, it would be best if you avail of the group discounts for 8 people. Larger groups of at least 20 people are even entitled to earn free vacation trips to Cancun and Las Vegas. So if you’re one who’s always at a loss on what to do or where to go during your college spring break, you may want to organize a group and enjoy your vacation with these travel cruises to paradise travel resorts.

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