Burr Coffee Grinder Are Very Useful

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In the olden days, coffee beans and spices were milled or ground into granules by simply pounding on them with the use of mortar and pestles and this took the place of a coffee grinder. As years went by, improved mechanisms made use of stationary and moving discs which were manually operated to move the discs to create a grinding force to mill the beans, spice or corn. Hence as motorized gadgets became invented, the mills also found improvement on the way coffee beans were milled.

As inventors and innovators came and went, there are now two ways that coffee beans are rendered as ground. These are the original milling process and the bladed-style coffee grinder. The coffee mill still made use of steel blades or otherwise called as burrs that reduce the coffee beans into coarse fine particles. This mill that made use of burr blades was said to be the better way of grinding coffee beans.   

The coffee grinder on the other hand made use of two steel blades that were put into motion by electric motor. As motors went into power, the blades will go into circular motions that will repeatedly chop the beans until the beans reached ground texture. This method was found less effective because the beans did not achieve even consistency on the way coffee was rendered as ground. They provide the same consistency  produced if the mortar and pestle were used to convert them into ground coffee.    

Choosing Burr Coffee Grinders over the Plain Coffee Grinders

So if you’re going to look for a coffee grinder, choose the one that is called as a burr grinder. This refers to the more efficient milling process that utilizes burrs or steel blades that was designed after the original milling process.    

This burr coffee grinder produces an even ground thus allowing the coffee essence or oil to be easily extracted from evenly ground particles. Smooth extraction means smooth coffee taste. Otherwise, your coffee will turn bitter if uneven particles will provide more extracts than the others. In the same way, if most of the coffee beans came out in larger consistency, not enough coffee extracts can be derived from them and your coffee will thus have a weaker flavor and will spread out thinly.      
For commercial purposes, coffee beans that are ground into even consistency will allow for better packing. In another perspective, the burr blades are shaped like plates and thus easier to clean. In contrast to the plain coffee grinders, that are cone-shaped and the grinding teeth are very much in the way for cleaning purposes.   

Hence, one thing is for sure, burr coffee grinders should be your choice if you’re about to buy one for your own use.

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