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Clothing accessories is not at all a modern thing. They originate as far back as the ancient days of pharaohs and their queens. Women who were considered in Biblical times as more aggressive were also depicted as having more clothing accessories in their bodies. Bangles, beads, hair adornments, anklets and belts that jiggled and jangled in different traditional dances, can be traced back to different cultures and different times.

Clothing accessories can be almost anything that can add a burst of color or a touch of style to your garment. Scarves and shawls were inspired from the Kashmir shawls used by women of long ago, made from the wool of Himalayan goats. Later the term was coined into the English word cashmere which became synonymous to soft wool.

As years went on, shawls as clothing accessories evolved in length and width as well as in the designs that they bore. They can be embroidered, hand painted and later printed with designs to make them affordable to all women who longed to be fashionable in their own way. They also became known by other names which depended on their make or material. As clothing accessories, they came to be known as scarves, stoles, cravats or sables but remained all through the years as a piece of garment most women had to own

Handbags took their origins from what was known during the Victorian era as a “reticule”. They were inspired by the drawstring pouches used by religious leaders. The idea was adopted to create small decorative pouches as evening bags for women who often socialized or frequented opera houses. They actually started out as clothing accessories because they were either beaded, laced or embroidered and obviously matched an elegant lady’s outfit.  

Soon enough, purses and handbags became more practical, more durable or ornate depending on the lady’s fashion sense or social needs. In fact, they became bigger and more functional. Men also found them to be great accessories whether for work or for their very own sports activities. Clothing accessories always evolved based on how they can best serve a purpose.      

Clothing accessories can do a lot to improve even the most basic of clothing. In fact, nowadays it is more advisable to get into the habit of buying clothes that will never go out of style. You can always top them off with a shawl or scarf to add accent and finish the touch with an eye-catching brooch or pin. This can totally take away the focus on your conventional outfit.

However, do not get into the trap of wearing too many clothing accessories all at the same time. This is where your fashion sense will be put to a test. Wide belts may be in, but they are not always suitable and worn drawn-tight at the waist. Get some fashion tips on how to use different clothing accessories. You will learn that wide belts can also be used around the hip area for women with smaller frames and built.

Don’t put on too much jewelry or you’ll end up looking too cluttered. You can wear them as big as you want but just make sure they’re practical for your lifestyle. Hair adornments are also clothing accessories but they only work if you’re going to call attention to lustrous and shiny hair. Otherwise, if you always seem to have a bad hair day, limit your hair accessories to those that can keep your hair neat and looking well kept.             

The base line is, clothing accessories are useful and attractive, but make sure they will call attention to something appealing in the first place. A simple dress, albeit plain and unadorned has more appeal if they are well-pressed and clean. Clothing accessories are used to enhance and not camouflage your basic apparel.

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