There Are Things Which People Like and Dont Like About Classic Hollywood Movies

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You can’t expect the younger generation of today to like classic Hollywood movies. There is quite a big difference and is really quite a throwback if you’re going to watch one. Hollywood’s Golden Age spanned several decades, from 1920s up to the 1960s which actually doesn’t include the Charlie Chaplin silent movies anymore. Of course, during that time, movies were new and probably anything Hollywood came up with was worth watching no matter what.     

What are classic Hollywood movies made of?  

For starters, most of these classic Hollywood movies were filmed in studios against backdrops of pseudo-walls painted with clear blue skies and cotton candy clouds. Night time scenes are much easier because everyone knows you can’t see anything in the dark. Actual on location shooting meant panoramic views of cliffs, beaches and hillsides.

Storylines and Movie Materials
Classic Hollywood movies seemed to have a fixed formula in the way they presented their storyline. In fact, the generation of today would really find it hard to relate as to what people find endearing about them. Everything was a box type of movie and made use of long narratives and dialogues. People probably haven’t taken off from reading novels during that time that they found it okay. It was like listening to somebody read the story with some famous actors and actresses acting them out with their assigned dialogues.  

There is one notable exception about classic Hollywood movies though as far appreciation by the present day generation is concerned. Young people know how meticulous animation could be and they are just in awe with Walt Disney’s ability to create the animation he came up with during that era. Although it looked a bit eerie in black and white, we cannot still deny the fact that the concept and methods used were impressive. Thanks to Walt Disney, he paved the way for the creation of classic Hollywood movies like Cinderella, Snow White, Pinocchio and the likes and they are never without patronage.

However, it’s quite a relief that classic Hollywood movies made a turn around with another aspect that present day generations respond to with genuine gusto. The Three Stooges are all fun albeit slapstick. In fact, some comedy antics nowadays were obviously lifted from these classic comedians.

The arrival of the Fred Astaire and Ginger Roger movies cannot be denied as really engaging when it comes to watching their song and dance numbers. Their films are really considered as classic Hollywood movies because even the present day generation preferred to imitate their musicals if the setting were to go back in the same era. In Annie, which was set during the depression era, Carol Burnet and Raul Julia did the Fred and Ginger routine and it earned good reviews.

Most of the musicals can hit it big time with the present day generation, in the same way that the post classic Hollywood movie “Grease” catapulted John Travolta to fame. They managed to incorporate their musical style with those of the classic Hollywood movies hit makers like Doris Day and Elvis Presley.

Now don’t compare the horror movies of before with those of today. It’s enough that Count Dracula then looked sinister enough along with his brides and their coffins. On the other hand, epic classic movies like Gone with the Wind were better read than seen in classic Hollywood movies. It took more than 3 hours and all one had to wait for was Clark Gable’s famous quip “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”. It’s probably one of the reasons why books never lost their appeal despite the advent of classic Hollywood movies.

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