Vampires Don’t Suck Now

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Year 2009 was, undoubtedly, the year of the vampires. Yes, they made their existence known many years ago; but, it was just a year or two ago that they sky- rocketed to fame. Vampires became the popular subjects of books, movies, and even television shows! Although like everything, the appearance and personality of vampires also changed. Here’s a surprise: not all of them thirst for human blood anymore.

When Dracula was born and Anne Rice gave birth to these nocturnal creatures in her books, the concept of “blood sucking” was introduced. When Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise both starred in the movie “Interview with the Vampire,” bloodsuckers became hotter and less scary. But, probably, vampires rose to a higher level of fame when they made their mark in the “young adult” genre of books- translation: Edward Cullen. Stephanie Meyer, along with other notable authors, completely changed the stereotype of vampires. Gone, or almost gone, were the coffins, the fangs, the bats, the fear of sunlight, garlic, and crosses (for they might burn and becomes ashes), and, most importantly, the sucking of human blood.

In this age, vampires were created for young girls, and those who are young at heart, to lust after. Authors made vampires look so hot and now, these leech- like creatures can fall in love with humans. Books which have this kind of storylines got teenagers hooked and, eventually, became bestsellers. Some noted novels were “The Twilight Saga,” “Blue Bloods Series,” “The House of Night Series,” and so much more. In televisions and movie houses, (you guessed it!) vampires are still the stars. Whether it’s “The Vampire Diaries,” which was adapted from L.J. Smith’s best- selling series, “True Blood,” “30 Days of Night,” “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer” – you name it, they sucked, suck, and will suck the life of our screens, no pun intended.

Now that vampires became close to teenagers, which is a big, if not the biggest, demographic in the world, their stardom will just continue to burst, especially now that people’s impression of them was revamped and made drool -worthy. If you think they haven’t reached their peak yet, well, wait no further. Soon enough, you’ll see that most people, if not everyone, are sinking their teeth into these gorgeous vampires.


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