Glee Puts Glee on Primetime Television

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Glee is Fox’s new hit TV show that made its debut last May 2009. The show wowed its audience after the first episode. But it also left them teased and hanging as producers intentionally planned to air the next episodes a couple of months later. Although, all the months spent by the fans waiting for Glee’s return were not put to waste. The show’s ratings shot up while serving the viewers a juicy mix of comedy, drama, and music.

To further expand its popularity, Glee released two record albums, which contained the songs used in the show and recorded by the actors themselves. Both records were a mix of multiple genres of music- pop, rock, RNB, ballad, and so on. Each track was put a spin that  is different from the original hit.

Entitled “Glee: Volume 1,” the first CD featured smashing songs like “Don’t Stop Believing,” “Somebody to Love,” “Keep Holding On,” and “Defying Gravity.” Some tracks even featured famous singer, Kristin Chenoweth. The second CD, which was a follow- up of the first, played songs that the Gleeks, as the characters were fondly called, performed during the Sectionals. It also had a mash- up, a genre of music Mr. Schuester popularized, and a couple of covers. These two CDs of Glee both earned a gold status a few days after they were released. It was enough proof that Glee has definitely pleased fans all over the world.

Go get yourself a copy of these albums. Don’t worry if you get the LSS, or the Last Song Syndrome, because everyone, a fan or not a fan, has surely caught this disease. Update your iPods and get those speakers blasting with remade hits of Celine Dion, Kanye West, Lily Allen, and so much more artists. Also, do watch out for the return of Glee on April 2010 because, surely, they will fire up some songs that we will sing along, and even dance, to. Get ready as the Gleeks take over our television!


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